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Friday, November 28, 2008

This song comes to mind:

Album – Gurus of Peace
Song – Masoom
Singer – A.R. Rahman
Year – 1997

Pichli raat ki tez hawaa,
Pichli raat ki aandhi me,
Kai puraane, aur ghane,
Oonche oonche ped ghire.
Tabse panchi aakash me,
Sehme sehme, udete hain.
Panchi ab pedon par tinka rakhte darte hain.

Ye mere watan ke log, masoom watan ke log,
Ye mere watan ke log, masoom watan ke log,

Log ajab log mere, log ghazab log mere,
Kitna kuch ye sehte hain, fir bhi aise behte hain,
Jaise paani beh jaaye, jaate jaate keh jaaye,
Dariyan ko behna hai
Aur Samay ko rehna hai

Ye mere watan ke log, masoom watan ke log,
Ye mere watan ke log, masoom watan ke log,

to hear this song:-

It has happened again!

61 years of Freedom.

Freedom means not having to look over your shoulder.

Freedom means safety for u, ur family.

Dear Indians,our Freedom has been threatened once again.

The enemy is here,right amongst us.

We need Freedom Fighters amongst us,once again.

Think,what are U going to do...for the Country, for Mumbai, for your Family, for Yourself!

If the powers that be cant do something,we will.

Terrorist wins,when you get terrorized. Dont let them win...ever.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Wednesday....

i was just lucky enough to watch this film today ... "A Wednesday..." a brilliant script, amazing emotions, stellar performance by Naseeruddin Shah & Anupam Kher, mind blowing diolgues, thriller moments.... I could go on & on... but... the movie had a take home message... I came home with it....

Are WE ready for some PEST CONTROL?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Something very similar to what I had concieved, thought & discussed earlier is ALREADY started being IMPLEMENTED.

Article in Mumbai Mirror - on 24/08/2008

Some excerpts....

A silent revolution is in the offing in the form of Pune's police commissioner Dr Satyapal Singh's ambitious project – Mission Mrutyunjay. He hopes to involve collegians in the fight against terrorism and build a generation of law-abiding youth. First implemented in Nagpur when Singh was commissioner there and launched in Pune on August 18, Mission Mrutyunjay may be implemented throughout the state.

Mission Mrutyunjay is an anti-terror organisation involving colleges and high schools. The motto is ‘remaining alert is our religion’ and making people aware about security is its philosophy.

If lakhs of students are made aware about the perils of terror acts, they will spread awareness among their friends, family and relatives. We can keep society safe this way.

The name indicates victory over death. If we are vigilant enough, we can win over unnatural and untimely death due to terror.

Every college will have Mrutyunjay clubs with 25 to 40 students as members. They will be given identity cards and principals will head these clubs; NCC and sports teachers will also be members.

The members will meet every month and chalk out activities. There could be training courses in bomb detection, lectures on safety tips, etc.

We are not asking them to go after people and collect intelligence. They are only expected to inform us about what they see.

Nagpur has 386 Mrutyunjay Clubs and around 11,000 student members.


What Say?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World champion Abhinav Bindra clinched India's first ever individual gold medal at the Olympics, winning 10m air rifle event at the Beijing Games

Gold medalist Abhinav Bindra holds his medal on the podium after winning the finals of the men's 10m air rifle competition at the Beijing Olympics.

World champion Abhinav Bindra clinched India's first ever individual gold medal at the Olympics, winning 10m air rifle event at the Beijing Games here today.

The 25-year-old, who qualified fourth for the event, shot an overall score of (596+104.5) 700.5 in a thrilling finale which went right down to the last shot.

Bindra's historic feat makes him India's first-ever individual gold medallist, bettering the silver medal feat of double trap shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore in Athens 2004.

INDIA is a proud nation today. & one very long standing dream has finally come true. Thank you Abhinav Bindra, Thank you very much. We are proud of you & you make Us all proud of who we are - INDIANS !!!

Jai Hind!!! Vande Mataram!!!

Medical Insurance , Health & Investments

As the age old adage goes "Health is Wealth", I being a Doctor couldnt agree more, in many ways. True. Very true. Also a stitch in time saves nine.

i say " He who treats patients must be careful, lest he becomes a patient himself".

So Doctors have to be their OWN DOCTORS 1st. Here comes into play a few things:

1. Earnings, Savings & Investment:

The medical proffession, especially that of a doctor, is a slow pick up, in monetary terms. The long initial years of studying + the rising costs & expenses of education = a very frustrated, indebted & worried graduating doctor.
Therefore we Doctors must learn 1 formula:

Income - Savings = Expense. rather than what we all invariably do Income - Expense = Saving.

Systematic, conscious, fixed amout of savings per month, which should be invested wisely in various avenues available.

Mutual Funds, Equity, Fixed Deposits, Bonds are some of the best options. Each of them have their own UNIQUE Returns, Risk & Liquidity level. Choose wisely, Invest Timely.

2. Doctors too need Medical Insurance. With a boom of Insurance Companies in India & explosion in number of Hospitals & Health Hazards, one can never be certain when Calamity strikes. Every Doctor should atleats Insure himself & family for Rs. 5 lakhs minimum, because often that is the figure touched in a week's hospital saty even with some minor surgery.

Thus, a rupee saved is a rupee earned. & Gold is not a good investment these days, as the growth rate of Gold is Far below the inflation rate therefore it actually gives negative returns.

& dont be penny wise pound foolish.
Try to cut down your expenses & boost your income.
Differentiate between NEED & WANT.

All the Best! God bless us all! Be happy, be safe! ENJOY!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Doctor I will be...

Ever since I was a child, quite young,

I was treated by a Doctor with sweet pills & an even sweeter tongue.

Fascinated, I was by the aura and personality of that Doctor, what a lovely man!

Except for my dear parents, He was the only one who said, “I will help you all I can.”

Since then I had decided,

A Doctor I will be...

School was fun and for Science I always had a keen interest,

Academics were my forte and I scored well in every test.

Said the Teacher to my mother, “your son has a future very bright...

Tedious higher education he shall grace, with the target he has in sight.”

To myself I smiled and said,

A Doctor I can be...

Crucial is the choice to be made for a career,

H.S.C., C.E.T., P.C.B. plenty are the barriers

Vast were the options, but my intentions were clear,

Life, mankind & humanity, to me, were very dear.

Once again I decided firmly,

A Doctor I want to be...

In a prestigious Medical College, I managed to secure admission,

From then on, like a soldier, started my tough rigorous mission.

Books heavier than small babies & more than the number of bones in the body,

Exams, Vivas, tests every month, gruelling work hours, with so much to memorize & study.

For the first time I felt,

A Doctor could I be?

Expenses were high, fees, books and everything costs a lot,

But just about my dream, my ambition I gave a thought.

Then about the taxing days and skipped meals I did not bother,

To put in my best and withstand the bloody mess, my courage and energy, somehow I did gather.

Said I to myself, reassuringly,

A Doctor I shall be

Kidney rackets, molestation, over charging, negligence and many such accusations flew,

The Noble profession was maligned and noble were left only a few.

A the peak of youth, my friends in other fields were earning in lakhs,

And I, a negative contributor to the family income, was burdened with a heavy heart and back.

Sadly, but surely, a doubt crept in my mind,

A Doctor should I be?

But then I think about a child’s sweet innocent smile & an old man’s satisfied face.

Ah! The sheer pleasure of treating a disease and the origin of a problem finally trace.

Defiant as a warrior you stand, with your arsenal equipped.

Cure for you is the only Victory, your intentions in purity should be dipped.

Being a Doctor is all about spiritual satisfaction, not materialistic gains.

Sure, it is a tough life, but who said there is success without pains.

Thus, I swore

A Doctor I will be...!!!

- Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani.
Intern, C.M.P.H.M.C.
Penned down on 29.07.2008

"The Scalpel is just a better Knife..." - Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Solution

Well, with all due respect - the problem in INDIA & especially MUMBAI is manifold...

Monitoring is IMPOSSIBLE due to vast Population. Period
Corruption is Rampant & Courage is ... well ...very very hard to find & often mocked at.

Therefore, the legal authorities & the powers that be - are at best often helpless.

We cannot take matters into our hands entirely. But we the Citizens, the Youth can definitely do something.

2. AWARENESS is the Key: talk openly about it - dont avoid it, dont ignore it.
3. Each Individual can make a difference... together it will all count.
You take care of your home, your building, your street, your area. Collectively & Consequently the city remains Area, City & Country WILL be safe.

The US have a concept of HOME GUARDS.

Suppose, individuals , who volunteer, are TRAINED in certain basic things like COMBAT & Avoiding Panic - by say the Police or the Army & they are endowed with certain responsibilities & previliges.

They may not be part of the judiciary system. They may not be equivalent to a police officer. They may pertain only to certain demarcated area - or may act as extra alert & extra prepared individuals WHEREVER they are in the city.

Their Identities should be kept as hidden & secret as possible - so people dont keep approaching them. they will come to help as & when needed. They may or may not be given ARMS licences. Their Backgrounds & Identities should be thoroughly checked & verified before they are inducted into training. They should not be given special uniforms. Just a inconspicuos badge or ID. The point is people around should not KNOW who they are & what they represent. Silent informers, guards, workers who shall play a vital role in Averting, or Managing such - DISASTROUS ACTS.

Combat Terrorism.... Wake up INDIA!!!

A section of the Youth feel very strongly against the Multiple blasts that shook two prime cities in India in two consecutive days: We mourn the loss of the life , but also feel that WE should do something about it:

TERRORISM - a word not unheard of in todays times. A fact, a bad face of society that we choose to look at & grimace & then ... move on with Life as if nothing happened. Has DEATH now become such a miniscule term in our life. With rising prices & inflation - I wonder how come the PRICE OF A LIFE has become so relatively Cheap!!!!

Well, I think that we Indans have sold our souls to the Modernization & in process of adopting fancy western methods of existence (not life, mind you) have lost who we are. In this Race, for materialistic things, primarily MONEY....we are all stuck, warped, transformed, far from the Humans, the Indians that we once were. The corruption, the manipulation has shaken our Belief in Good, in Right, in Ourselves.

The definition of Right & Wrong, Good & Bad has all changed so drastically today. These have become RELATIVE terms. These were things that should never have changed. But alas....

Hate it or Ignore it - it is here. In this WORLD. In EVERY COUNTRY. We are not the only ones who share some tension with our neighbouring countries. Everybody does. Iran, Iraq, Israel, China, Pakistan, Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka....everybody ... even the United Kingdom & United states of America have not been spared.

The Terrorist may belong to their country, maybe outside. They are basically Extremists with / without a valid cause.
with / without any morals.
with / without powerful backing.
with / without ideologies.

But they all work with 1 thing : FEAR.
The deadliest of them ALL. FEAR.

their SUCCESS is based on our FEAR... so essentially the CHOICE is OURS - not theirs.

What to do???

Question: whats your AGE??? How much of Life have you seen?? At any point of time has your desire to Live more - ended???

if it has dont bother reading further. If you still are reading...

Irrespective of your age - answer this??

Do you have children / intend to have children in the Future???

if yes

what do you intend to dress your kids in???

Pink coloured Body Armour for your lil girl & Blue colour Kevlar Vest for your boy??
Teach them how to defuse Bombs in school & in P.T. lecture instruct them & make them practice a drill of "How to survive a Bomb Blast"??

If your answer is yes - maybe you are ready for it - I AM NOT.

I refuse to accept, that I , we the Youth of today will not & cannot Influence the FUTURE.

I think, I can. I belive WE Can. I know WE CAN.

This is just a common thought that has crossed our minds & touched our hearts.

Should we weep, should we grieve, should we mourn. Yes we should.

Should we move on, should we get back, should we forget it in a span shorter than 7 days??

NO, we DARE NOT!!!!

Should we think, should we act??!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008



Every moment...

We either use, marvel, enjoy, abuse, praise, utilize a CREATION.

Each one of, consciously / subconsciously – something good/bad, positive/ negative does CREATE. It could be a thought, an action, a thing, an emotion....

We all are interlocked, woven into a story, a script, a journey with ourselves & so many many many other CREATURES. Each one of us is a DISTINCT, Unique CREATURE like none other... EVER.

Thus , we all are somewhere, somehow, somewhat – CREATORS... of our own destiny, our fate; of another Creature. And, we all are – CREATIONS of THE CREATOR.

Well, I am the Creator of this Weblog – Blog.

I am a Creature – simply described a I-HUMAN – Indian, Heterosexual, Unique, Male and by most standards Normal.

I thank THE CREATOR for Everything.

This Blog is a bulletin board of my Random Thoughts. It may pertain to India, Philosophy, Homoeopathy, Medicine, Doctors, Humanity, Technology, Mobiles, Computers, Gadgets, Games, Myself, Mumbai, Nature, Animals & many many more things.


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