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Monday, July 28, 2008

My Solution

Well, with all due respect - the problem in INDIA & especially MUMBAI is manifold...

Monitoring is IMPOSSIBLE due to vast Population. Period
Corruption is Rampant & Courage is ... well ...very very hard to find & often mocked at.

Therefore, the legal authorities & the powers that be - are at best often helpless.

We cannot take matters into our hands entirely. But we the Citizens, the Youth can definitely do something.

2. AWARENESS is the Key: talk openly about it - dont avoid it, dont ignore it.
3. Each Individual can make a difference... together it will all count.
You take care of your home, your building, your street, your area. Collectively & Consequently the city remains Area, City & Country WILL be safe.

The US have a concept of HOME GUARDS.

Suppose, individuals , who volunteer, are TRAINED in certain basic things like COMBAT & Avoiding Panic - by say the Police or the Army & they are endowed with certain responsibilities & previliges.

They may not be part of the judiciary system. They may not be equivalent to a police officer. They may pertain only to certain demarcated area - or may act as extra alert & extra prepared individuals WHEREVER they are in the city.

Their Identities should be kept as hidden & secret as possible - so people dont keep approaching them. they will come to help as & when needed. They may or may not be given ARMS licences. Their Backgrounds & Identities should be thoroughly checked & verified before they are inducted into training. They should not be given special uniforms. Just a inconspicuos badge or ID. The point is people around should not KNOW who they are & what they represent. Silent informers, guards, workers who shall play a vital role in Averting, or Managing such - DISASTROUS ACTS.

Combat Terrorism.... Wake up INDIA!!!

A section of the Youth feel very strongly against the Multiple blasts that shook two prime cities in India in two consecutive days: We mourn the loss of the life , but also feel that WE should do something about it:

TERRORISM - a word not unheard of in todays times. A fact, a bad face of society that we choose to look at & grimace & then ... move on with Life as if nothing happened. Has DEATH now become such a miniscule term in our life. With rising prices & inflation - I wonder how come the PRICE OF A LIFE has become so relatively Cheap!!!!

Well, I think that we Indans have sold our souls to the Modernization & in process of adopting fancy western methods of existence (not life, mind you) have lost who we are. In this Race, for materialistic things, primarily MONEY....we are all stuck, warped, transformed, far from the Humans, the Indians that we once were. The corruption, the manipulation has shaken our Belief in Good, in Right, in Ourselves.

The definition of Right & Wrong, Good & Bad has all changed so drastically today. These have become RELATIVE terms. These were things that should never have changed. But alas....

Hate it or Ignore it - it is here. In this WORLD. In EVERY COUNTRY. We are not the only ones who share some tension with our neighbouring countries. Everybody does. Iran, Iraq, Israel, China, Pakistan, Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka....everybody ... even the United Kingdom & United states of America have not been spared.

The Terrorist may belong to their country, maybe outside. They are basically Extremists with / without a valid cause.
with / without any morals.
with / without powerful backing.
with / without ideologies.

But they all work with 1 thing : FEAR.
The deadliest of them ALL. FEAR.

their SUCCESS is based on our FEAR... so essentially the CHOICE is OURS - not theirs.

What to do???

Question: whats your AGE??? How much of Life have you seen?? At any point of time has your desire to Live more - ended???

if it has dont bother reading further. If you still are reading...

Irrespective of your age - answer this??

Do you have children / intend to have children in the Future???

if yes

what do you intend to dress your kids in???

Pink coloured Body Armour for your lil girl & Blue colour Kevlar Vest for your boy??
Teach them how to defuse Bombs in school & in P.T. lecture instruct them & make them practice a drill of "How to survive a Bomb Blast"??

If your answer is yes - maybe you are ready for it - I AM NOT.

I refuse to accept, that I , we the Youth of today will not & cannot Influence the FUTURE.

I think, I can. I belive WE Can. I know WE CAN.

This is just a common thought that has crossed our minds & touched our hearts.

Should we weep, should we grieve, should we mourn. Yes we should.

Should we move on, should we get back, should we forget it in a span shorter than 7 days??

NO, we DARE NOT!!!!

Should we think, should we act??!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008



Every moment...

We either use, marvel, enjoy, abuse, praise, utilize a CREATION.

Each one of, consciously / subconsciously – something good/bad, positive/ negative does CREATE. It could be a thought, an action, a thing, an emotion....

We all are interlocked, woven into a story, a script, a journey with ourselves & so many many many other CREATURES. Each one of us is a DISTINCT, Unique CREATURE like none other... EVER.

Thus , we all are somewhere, somehow, somewhat – CREATORS... of our own destiny, our fate; of another Creature. And, we all are – CREATIONS of THE CREATOR.

Well, I am the Creator of this Weblog – Blog.

I am a Creature – simply described a I-HUMAN – Indian, Heterosexual, Unique, Male and by most standards Normal.

I thank THE CREATOR for Everything.

This Blog is a bulletin board of my Random Thoughts. It may pertain to India, Philosophy, Homoeopathy, Medicine, Doctors, Humanity, Technology, Mobiles, Computers, Gadgets, Games, Myself, Mumbai, Nature, Animals & many many more things.


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