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Monday, July 28, 2008

My Solution

Well, with all due respect - the problem in INDIA & especially MUMBAI is manifold...

Monitoring is IMPOSSIBLE due to vast Population. Period
Corruption is Rampant & Courage is ... well ...very very hard to find & often mocked at.

Therefore, the legal authorities & the powers that be - are at best often helpless.

We cannot take matters into our hands entirely. But we the Citizens, the Youth can definitely do something.

2. AWARENESS is the Key: talk openly about it - dont avoid it, dont ignore it.
3. Each Individual can make a difference... together it will all count.
You take care of your home, your building, your street, your area. Collectively & Consequently the city remains Area, City & Country WILL be safe.

The US have a concept of HOME GUARDS.

Suppose, individuals , who volunteer, are TRAINED in certain basic things like COMBAT & Avoiding Panic - by say the Police or the Army & they are endowed with certain responsibilities & previliges.

They may not be part of the judiciary system. They may not be equivalent to a police officer. They may pertain only to certain demarcated area - or may act as extra alert & extra prepared individuals WHEREVER they are in the city.

Their Identities should be kept as hidden & secret as possible - so people dont keep approaching them. they will come to help as & when needed. They may or may not be given ARMS licences. Their Backgrounds & Identities should be thoroughly checked & verified before they are inducted into training. They should not be given special uniforms. Just a inconspicuos badge or ID. The point is people around should not KNOW who they are & what they represent. Silent informers, guards, workers who shall play a vital role in Averting, or Managing such - DISASTROUS ACTS.

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