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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Doctor I will be...

Ever since I was a child, quite young,

I was treated by a Doctor with sweet pills & an even sweeter tongue.

Fascinated, I was by the aura and personality of that Doctor, what a lovely man!

Except for my dear parents, He was the only one who said, “I will help you all I can.”

Since then I had decided,

A Doctor I will be...

School was fun and for Science I always had a keen interest,

Academics were my forte and I scored well in every test.

Said the Teacher to my mother, “your son has a future very bright...

Tedious higher education he shall grace, with the target he has in sight.”

To myself I smiled and said,

A Doctor I can be...

Crucial is the choice to be made for a career,

H.S.C., C.E.T., P.C.B. plenty are the barriers

Vast were the options, but my intentions were clear,

Life, mankind & humanity, to me, were very dear.

Once again I decided firmly,

A Doctor I want to be...

In a prestigious Medical College, I managed to secure admission,

From then on, like a soldier, started my tough rigorous mission.

Books heavier than small babies & more than the number of bones in the body,

Exams, Vivas, tests every month, gruelling work hours, with so much to memorize & study.

For the first time I felt,

A Doctor could I be?

Expenses were high, fees, books and everything costs a lot,

But just about my dream, my ambition I gave a thought.

Then about the taxing days and skipped meals I did not bother,

To put in my best and withstand the bloody mess, my courage and energy, somehow I did gather.

Said I to myself, reassuringly,

A Doctor I shall be

Kidney rackets, molestation, over charging, negligence and many such accusations flew,

The Noble profession was maligned and noble were left only a few.

A the peak of youth, my friends in other fields were earning in lakhs,

And I, a negative contributor to the family income, was burdened with a heavy heart and back.

Sadly, but surely, a doubt crept in my mind,

A Doctor should I be?

But then I think about a child’s sweet innocent smile & an old man’s satisfied face.

Ah! The sheer pleasure of treating a disease and the origin of a problem finally trace.

Defiant as a warrior you stand, with your arsenal equipped.

Cure for you is the only Victory, your intentions in purity should be dipped.

Being a Doctor is all about spiritual satisfaction, not materialistic gains.

Sure, it is a tough life, but who said there is success without pains.

Thus, I swore

A Doctor I will be...!!!

- Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani.
Intern, C.M.P.H.M.C.
Penned down on 29.07.2008

"The Scalpel is just a better Knife..." - Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani.


Kruti said...

Amazing one! the struggle of a doctor, the fear, hard work, confusion, pride, fame & the responsibility everything covered in one poem. great job!

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

Thanks Kruti, I know, so many things that we go through, but it just touches & changes our life forever....


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