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Monday, August 25, 2008


Something very similar to what I had concieved, thought & discussed earlier is ALREADY started being IMPLEMENTED.

Article in Mumbai Mirror - on 24/08/2008

Some excerpts....

A silent revolution is in the offing in the form of Pune's police commissioner Dr Satyapal Singh's ambitious project – Mission Mrutyunjay. He hopes to involve collegians in the fight against terrorism and build a generation of law-abiding youth. First implemented in Nagpur when Singh was commissioner there and launched in Pune on August 18, Mission Mrutyunjay may be implemented throughout the state.

Mission Mrutyunjay is an anti-terror organisation involving colleges and high schools. The motto is ‘remaining alert is our religion’ and making people aware about security is its philosophy.

If lakhs of students are made aware about the perils of terror acts, they will spread awareness among their friends, family and relatives. We can keep society safe this way.

The name indicates victory over death. If we are vigilant enough, we can win over unnatural and untimely death due to terror.

Every college will have Mrutyunjay clubs with 25 to 40 students as members. They will be given identity cards and principals will head these clubs; NCC and sports teachers will also be members.

The members will meet every month and chalk out activities. There could be training courses in bomb detection, lectures on safety tips, etc.

We are not asking them to go after people and collect intelligence. They are only expected to inform us about what they see.

Nagpur has 386 Mrutyunjay Clubs and around 11,000 student members.


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