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Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Farewell Speech on 16th February 2009, Graduation day

17th November 2003, together we all embarked on a journey, an experience that has left an indelible impact on our life. With rapidly beating hearts and nervous minds we entered the Institution known as one of the best for Homoeopathic Education. We were here, at C.M.P., out of choice, out of compulsion, out of no option whatsoever. But we were here… What was to be seen is where we go. And here we are today – 16th February 2009. After Five and a Half Years. So many years!!! Just the mere mention brings back so many memories, nostalgia that threatens to pour out in tears. All those grueling exam, viva and study sessions, those fun filled euphoric college weeks, the enthusiastic competitive sports spirit. Those blissful hours spent in the college corridors, the canteen or the library. Those private secret conversations we shared with our friends. Those lovely OPDs & discussions with teachers.
Well friends, we all know that we are the Guinea pig batch, the 1st Batch belonging to the New Course of M.U.H.S. We have had a roller coaster ride so far and yet one can easily recollect our achievements. We had 24 Distinctions in Pharmacy in 1st year and 7 in Anatomy. We had a 100% Result in our Final year. We have won medals, trophies and prizes at the Inter-collegiate level for Carrom & Table Tennis. We have won many Inter-Collegiate Debate, Drama, Drug Dramatization and Dance competitions. We were the proud recipients of the BEST CLASS Trophy TWICE! But all this would have never been possible without our Unity, Spirit and Bonding. Neither without the guidance, support & encouragement of our teachers and the college authorities.
I take this opportunity to thank Homoeopathic Education Society and the Management of our college for providing us with such excellent facilities, campus and services. We often don’t realize their contribution to our growth but undeniably they are worthy of praise for this institute. This Institute would be nothing but a Structure of walls & pillars with beautiful tiles & greenery, if it weren't for our World class, supreme, fantastic, marvelous TEACHERS. They are the true spirit of CMP who have dedicated their lives to this Institute making it what it is, one of the Best Homoeopathic Colleges. We thank all our Teachers, who have guided us, taught us, shielded us, loved us and made us what we are today. Over the years each and every single teacher has been invaluable to our growth and the polishing that was required to make us the Doctors that we are today. Indisputably, irrespective of all other circumstances, we owe it to you dear Teachers for being our Teachers, Mentors, Leaders and often Friends too.
Ofcourse we must never forget the Office staff & Non-teaching staff of our college & hospital who have always been very co-operative and helpful for all these 5 & a half years.
In these years, we met strangers who became our best friends, we met teachers who became our mentors, we met patients who became our teachers. Overall a thoroughly evolving experience. A metamorphosis. From mere 12th Std. graduates to Doctors. From those carefree, happy go lucky characters to what we are today – we have, in every sense of the word, Evolved.
Like often a caterpillar in its cocoon evolves into a butterfly. CMP has been our cocoon. It has polished us into what we are today. But now, it’s time to spread our wings and fly… Fly for the real world awaits – where we carry on us, the CMP badge, the Honour of being a Homoeopath. We must at all times remember to uphold this honour and ensure that we maintain the dignity of the science, the institution and the profession that we belong to. We are not just Doctors, practitioners of the medical science. We are Homoeopathic Doctors – practitioners and followers of the Art & Science of Homoeopathy. With this renewed hope, enthusiasm – we graduate. The vast, blue skies are the limit. We all have our hopes, we all have our destinations. We all have our destiny.
Wishing all of us the life that we desire. May God bless us with Happiness and Success…forever.
Aude Sapere


NIK said...


too good man true feelings of any cmpites.. keep it up...

all d best....

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

Thanks a lot Nikhil. yes those are not just words, but pure emotions flowing, right from the heart!


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