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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Illiterate Literates

Surpisingly, in todays times, I notice this major chunk of people who fall into this category.
The Illiterate Literates. The Uncivilized Civilians.

Do you know who these are?

They are the ones who:

Who open up the doors of their Mercs & spit on the road
Who cross carelessly in the middle of the road
Who break queues as casually as if it was their right
Who have no regard for civic sense
Who drive worse than the rickshaw drivers
Who abuse more than necessary
Who talk loudly rudely on their cell phones even in theatres
Who observe no lane discipline or traffic regulations
Who throw thrash just anywhere
Who litter the world with their dirty thoughts
this could go on & on..

basically, those who are well suited, wearing a crisp clean shirt, branded trousers/jeans, flashing an expensive cell phone, looking all set & hip, try & always in English...
yet are FILTHY to their soul.

They are graduates, well educated, often hailing from good family backgrounds,
But they dont remember a word of Civics,
they have no common sense,
they are often an environmental hazard,
they WASTE resources,
they are a NUISANCE!

Earlier, a certain segment of the society, was often "forgiven" for such behaviour, because they were truly illiterate & hence it was not expected of them to know, that their behaviour is wrong.

But when these so called literates, behave WORSE than the actual illiterates... thats when I call them the ILLITERATE LITERATES.
"padhe likhe anpadh ganwar"

These comprise of the Individuals, who often crib the most, but do nothing in their own deeds.
This is the exact population that does not benefit our contry in any way whatsoever.
These are not assets, but asses who are a big liability.

Those who keep saying: "Damn our country is very dirty, so filthy, look at USA" But will not even think or flinch before throwing or spitting on the road.

What should be done about such UNCIVILIZED CIVILIANS!!!

I believe I am no one to comment or commit.
"I do what I can & what I must"
So what can I do?
AND I maintain a general Common sense & Civic Sense!


Dr. Priteesh Chotai said...

Well written! This points strongly to the fact that the whole definition of the word "Humanity" is changed in our times. To add to it, it is very difficult to bring about a good change in these people. Unfortunately, very few people like you and me exist here...
Still, we keep on trying our best through our articles hoping that we can change few people, at least!
Do check out The Planet of Apes @

Dr. Priteesh S. Chotai

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

Very true Priteesh, absolutely agree with you.

But, yes, we must continue doing what we can.

SNAYK said...

Dear Dr. Suraj,

I live in a middle eastern city, maybe with characteristics similar to your cities. And I happen to share the same thoughts as you.

What's strange, is that I posted on facebook "illiterate literates" in my status, due to the similar observations of yours.

Then I thought I'd google it for curiosity's sake. And I found your post, sharing my same ideology.

Its interesting how we can be living far apart but observing similar behavior, and in addition, not accepting it.

But my stance is, what do we do about this? Are we compelled to react? Are we obliged to do something about this? Should we lay back and watch what we don't accept?

Best regards
Sherif Nagui, from the most populous city in the middle east!

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

@ Mr. Nagui.

It is indeed a small world & quite a novel that we could connect & relate sitting across continents.
Also it re-iterates the fact that the "phenomenon' is Universal.
Basically a Human Flaw, like many others.

What to do ???

My personal answer to that question is:

We have all evolved from Apes.
1 thing that we still have within us, is this desire to immitate, to follow suit, to copy, the 'herd mentality'.

Even though we have the freedom, we only want to do & have, what the person next to us has.
If he has a XYZ phone, you crave it too.
If he dresses in some way, its considered 'cool & hep', you try to emulate that too.
THIS is what makes the normal realms of 'society'.

THEREFORE: My suggestion, PEOPLE Like us, the REAL CIVILIZED, SENSIBLE, LITERATES... continue to DO WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, what we can do.
it is infectious & if we remain persistent, automatically, atleast 1-2 people in OUR close vicinity will emulate us to a certain extent, thus, SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME the common sense will prevail.

even if it doesnt, ATLEAST, we have a Clear Heart & Conscience, that we CHOSE to behave as we thought fit & right & did not succumb to the behaviour which has become the 'norm'. Thus ensuring our Uniqueness, Noticeability and Value as a Sensible Citizen of this WORLD & HUMANITY.


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