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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love Aaj Kal

Just saw this refreshing , young, delightful, fast, bubbly movies yesterday.

The 1st thought that comes across: What is Love? do we even understand love?

While the movies very rightly mocks the current generation for its frivolous behaviour. Casual approach to everything in life.
Somewhere deep down it also questions the approach of "going for the book by its cover", where we have lost the art of appreciating what is "inside" another person, we are being extremely superficial, extremely materialistic.
Somewhere the values, the culture is lost!

Also, for the commitment phobic generation a very nice message has been put across by Veer (Rish Kapoor), that love at 1st sight does exist and love can be an adventure, a roller coaster ride, btu commitment is such an outstanding virtue.

Imtiaz Ali sure has an amazing knack for story telling. Awesome direction, visuals & locales.

Breaking another social mould, is the projection that todays generation is capable of taking up less known jobs as a career choice. We, the current generation have the capability and potential to do path breaking deeds, all we need to do is focus. Dare to dream, dare to work hard for it and it will be yours. yourself.

Today, the young Indians are global indians, they span across every continent in the globe, inter-racial, inter-cultural interaction has increased tremedously, but, an Indian at heart, will always have India flowing in his blood. The deep rooted culture & values never fail.

An extremely feel good movie, with good music, nice choroeography, an a very nice take home message.

Yehi hai Love Aaj Kal, tu nahi to aur sahi, aur nahi to aur sahi...par, jise dil dhoond raha tha kya woh tum hi thi?

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