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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Masked City Madness - Swine Flu hit Mumbai

The Swine flu is here - Believe it or not... but it is around...
But you know what else it has brought along with it? FEAR & PANIC.

Its very funny to see that inspite of 26th July & innumerable terrorist attacks, Mumbaikars have not learnt a single lesson in Panic Management.

Its quite intriguing to see this human behaviour reaction under stress & fear.

How else do you explain the phenomenal sales of regular surgical masks which offer no protection or immuntiy whatsoever to the said Swine flu or even regular flu!

As also, the opportunist behaviour of so many businessmen who are even capitalizing on these bad times by selling these masks at higher prices.

But, yes, like every time, in the recent past - the Media is really to blame for causing such a blatant panic rather than being responsible for education & awareness.

Have you seen the crowd of patients thronging various doctors clinics? Its unbelievable!

People who ordinarily never pop in a pill for a cold, are running to their nearest clinic like rabid dogs!

Does NO ONE read the papers?

Do you not know the ENTIRE list of Symptoms that regular flu & Swine flu share and ARE COMMON to both illnesses.

Have you not read that for you particular illness to be "suspected" to be Swine flu, you need to have
1. High Grade Fever more than 3 days
2. Rhinitis / Coryza / Running nose
3. Dry cough / throat irritation
4. Risk of exposure or Contact to definitely infected individual or area.

ALL these symptoms have to be present for it classify as a "probable case of Swine Flu"

Just presence of ANY one of these symptoms indicates regular Flu / Viral infection which is extremely common right now!

Besides, why do people forget that by going to such places, you are actually increasing Your Risk of exposure to an infected person, as WELL as, risking other peoples health by probably giving them yours.

Another thing, this once again is a fine example of how are "modern" lifestyle is bringing forth as many diseases as comforts.

Our low immunity & resistance can be attributed to our bad dietary habits & lack of physical exercise.
& it is well known now that Airconditioned office spaces & malls are the prime source of infection because of the stale air that circulates there.

Imagine, we all are living & working in such closed cages everyday!

This is just the start, there are many more such diseases to come.

P.S. How come when Swine Flu is heard of, everyone rushes to buy & wear a mask,
but when warned about AIDS and STDs no one rushes to buy Condoms?

1 comment:

Ankit B. Rathod said...

Doc.... Awesome post.... quite informative.... What people need to understand that THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REGULAR FLU AND INFLUENZA A (aka SWINE FLU).... And its this lack of information that leads to panic.... Media (esp TV News) should rather play their role in creating awareness..... God save India !!!

PS : Media should now carry on a Swine Flu-like coverage for AIDS so that the situation improves.....


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