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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tasteless generation

The quality of life has been reduced to denominations of money,

The 'youth' of India has a future opposite of sunny,

It’s because of them that these MNC's & brands thrive,

But they grossly lack the taste & the drive.

They just order whiskey... Don’t know if it’s royal challenge or black label,

They dress like retards, study like dyslexics & behave like a disabled,

They can’t differentiate their coke from thumbs up or mirinda from fanta,

They don’t know the reason behind diwali but have a gala party for Santa,

They are deaf to the difference between sound, music & noise,

The louder the better, perhaps thats the reason they keep screaming at the top of their voice,

Rags stitched together are fashionable if they have a 'brand' label on them,

They are jumping into the same ship, but do they know who is at the helm,

Man was always a social animal, but they are like cows...flocking in a herd,

If 1 does it the rest follow, be it nose ring ear piercing or a ridiculous beard,

Bereft of a mind of their own, they hardly have any goals or vision,

Combine that with zero inclination; now imagine the future state of the nation!

The 'west' have corroded, corrupted, demolished our lifestyle, health, wealth & culture,

Once we are finished, 'done' with, they will swoop down like a vulture,

& for the 1st time, in the history of world,

A country will be conquered, without war.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Sanity fled me, sense could not prevail;
Conscience corrupted told me, the colour of your hearts so pale;
The hypothalamus someone plucked,
And the pituitary body is out for a duck,
So words are all I possess,
And they are my only means to success.

Lone Warrior....

Lone warrior that I am;
I will fight as long as I can;
Even in the last breath when death at me is biting;
I swear by the lion I am, I will go down fighting.
I am a lion fearless & bold;
But beneath me I have a warm heart of gold.

Die Another Day...

Die Another Day…

I will die someday, but today is not the day, tonight is not the night.
I am yet to rise, the Dawn – the Sunrise is on its way,
Then I shall live one full day…
Spread hope, cheer & joy to all - & then when everything is allright,
I shall fade away to death with dark silent night.
But be rest assured, there will be another dawn, though it may not be me,
Though it may not be free…

- Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani 12.12.2008



Life…It takes you up in its arms, makes you feel like a Prince,
But then in these very arms it squeezes you so makes you wince,
It’s all a cycle, a chain, as round as a ring,
Everyone wants to be on top, everyone wants to be a king,
The problem starts when they all start trying to rule,
They try to control and ride humans, when they can’t even control a mule.
The essence of life and its worth, its meaning to them just evades,
They don’t realize the futility and as time passes it all fades.
In these days everything is just so damn pseudo,
You don’t even get affected even though death may come and go.
Then in those last few moments just as your eyes are about to close,
It strikes, you just realize it all depends on what you chose…
How, when and where you hurt,
To others were you well-behaved, rude or curt,
For as you sow so shall you reap,
Your deeds, good or bad, are accounted for accumulated in a heap.
So tread very carefully lest you step on someone’s toes,
Try to make more of friends and less of foes,
Basically it’s a simple equation of take and give,
And as for those who hurt you…just try and forgive,
Remember this…Live And Let Live….

- Suraj A. Dhirwani

Life Back in Track...

Life back on track

After all that I went through,
Desperation, frustration and tension,
My prayers finally got a breakthrough,
Of course there was some manipulation.
And then my heart was humming a different beat,
Most willing to walk the miles were my tired feet,
Nothing was felt, neither the cold, nor the scorching heat.

Things were changing, I was evolving,
Whirlwind of ideas at me were rushing,
The enthusiasm was different, something new,
Obstacles and mental blocks not withstanding except a few.

I entered and felt all revitalized,
My past I instantly surmised.
The shallowness in me I felt and realized.
I felt like fish coming back into water,
Years of drought vanished with laughter,
So much in harmony with myself I could feel,
Of course a little pain is part of the deal,
I had to learn things I should have learnt much before,
The place was healing wounds, which had long been sore.

Surging ahead at full steam I was,
And this time it was all for the right cause,
My principles of course I did not change or give up,
As firm as ever to my roots I was stuck,
This was me the real me, I was back,
After all I had been through my life was back on track.

------------Suraj A. Dhirwani.



I have heard there is no right or wrong, only Power,
Then why is it that when it comes to changing the system, people who can, cower.

Why is it that the purpose is power and power is the purpose,
People have lost their senses & sense has lost its meaning and worth, I suppose.

Why is it that people in charge never take the right decisions,
Narrow-mindedly thinking of present & personal profit, not of values & reputation

Why is it that good guys finish last,
And anyone walking the other path has a blast.

Why is it easier for someone to not be good & all the laurel & hearts win,
When did honesty & decency get thrown into the thrash bin.

Why is it that elders who are supposed to guide us themselves indulge in weird games,
Indulging in mud-slinging calling each other names.

Why is it that despite being in a position to circumstances change,
People end up running after green money & objectives not even remotely in their range.

Why is it that words like politics have come to be in use with institutions and education,
And all culture, values, morals and principles have undergone remorse and mortification

Why is it that I feel so strong an angst, as if I belong to another phylum,
Or is it just me, crazy as usual, born to be thrown in a mental asylum…???


- Suraj A. Dhirwani.

They Shall See…

Often after a squabble or a quarrel
People go barking up a tree,
To his adversary said he,
Another day about this we shall see…

A difference of opinion I possess,
Why take on undue stress,
And another individual harass.
The light finally, they shall see…

Their deeds they have done,
My deeds are yet to come,
Before we all come undone,
The result they shall see.

They scoff at me, if they must,
Rather let them believe that I rust,
But in GOD and myself I trust,
The outcome, they shall see.

Their game they have played,
Their cards they have laid,
A few aces I, too, have in my stockade,
The show they shall see…

I need not go around speaking lies,
Neither force them to open their eyes,
Though it may take more than a few tries…
The fact they shall see…

Qualities I may have a few,
But humans they are too….
They fight great, but I am a great fighter,
This truth they shall see….

- Suraj A. Dhirwani.
20th July 2007

Rules for a Battle

Rules for a battle

Life is a struggle, every breath is a struggle, a war;
You are up against the world and a part of you too;
There are no exceptions, no comrades, no bar;
If fought with a clear mind, wounds will be few;

Fight not for power, money, name or fame;
Plan your moves well, strategy is the key to the game;
Fight for the truth, fight for your heart and you will get the glory;
Victory shall be yours and those you defeat will be sorry;

Fight for what is right, fight for what is good for all;
For evil never prevails for long and pride has a fall;
Dare to fight till the end, run the last mile;
At the victory post the Creator will greet you with a smile.

------------Suraj A. Dhirwani.

The Clouds parted....

The clouds parted…

When the grey cloud across the sun blew through,
I just wished that I could see the sky oh so blue,
Desperate to see the sun again glow,
Ideas through my head began to flow,
I could pray to part the clouds grey,
Or I could go to another place where there was more grace,
But while all these ideas I was penning down,
The clouds parted and the ray of light cleared my frown,
The ray cleared my head an I could see,
That just a cloud should not determine what you should be,
Life is full of scorching heat, rain, chill, hail or shade,
Keep going on and what you pass shall in time fade,
For all times you have been blessed with a heart and a brain,
But if you just believe in yourself, your effort will never go in vain.

----------- Suraj A. Dhirwani.


(The present world through a child’s eyes)
I am an 8 year old, who seldom fumes with fury,
It seems in my life there is no worry.
But the others ion my house never seem to relax,
They are always worried to the max.
My father to me is very dear,
But when he reads the newspaper I feel fear.
Because he talks of something terrible happening,
Due to something called terrorism, which is rising.
Later he would sit and fret,
‘bout how the ends will be met.
He says there is recession,
Which gives him lots of tension.
And talks of unstable governments,
And how there is scope for amendments.
He keeps going in out of the house,
And doesn’t even have time to talk to his spouse.

Which is my mother dear.
My mother has her own problems galore,
Most of the times she is bugged and wants no more.
She complains of about the vegetables with degrading qualities and rising prices,
But still makes sure I get my daily dose of 8 orange slices.
Yet she juggles the household chores so well,
And answers efficiently to every telephone and doorbell.
Most of which are for my elder brother or sister.

Which reminds me of my elder brother,
Who about helping my mom doesn’t bother.
He quips with much delight,
That yesterday in college he had a good fight.
As for him studies are a gigantic problem,
As in engineering college he is you see,
And so best he has to be.
He says he will get a high percent,
But his promises keep diminishing till they form a crescent.
For in life he wants to make it big,
And someday own an oilrig.
He idolizes some people I don’t know of,
With names like Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, George Bush, and Andrew Flintoff.
Of music he talks a lot,
Heavy metal, rap, pop and hard rock.
To me his ‘stereo system as he calls it,
Blares out something I don’t understand a bit.

Neither do my parents and elder sister,
Who is perpetually in search of a decent mister.
And never talking of studies,
But is always hanging out with her buddies.
She is bogged with homework from her school and tuitions,
And still prefers acting to her intuitions.
She says at present she is occupied tending to her crushes,
And is most of the time applying make-up with 114 different brushes.

As for me going to school,
I find very uncool,
But love toys from Funskool.
Infact everyone in our house prefers branded products,
Hindustan Lever, Lakme, Times, HP rule the roost,
And even I prefer Horlicks to Boost.

Tension and recession I very much sun.
But still I can’t fail to wonder,
That what will I do when I grow up and begin to ponder.
I will think of such things when the proper time comes,
Till then I leave it to Him to help me through whatever happens.
As thanks to Him I have caring and loving parents,
And I shall remain indebted to them no matter what happens.
As for every child his parents are his world,
As his future they are the ones who mould.

Suraj A. Dhirwani
Ist B.H.M.S. Roll No. 18
Smt. C.M.P. Homoeopathic
Medical College.
12th February 2002.

Proof of Love


For a guilty to prove his innocence is easy,
But easier is for a guilty to prone he is guilty.
It is also to express peace by the symbol of dove,
But what is toughest in this world is to provide a proof of love.
For it is not necessary that your dearest will believe every word you say,
But you have to try & try and wait for that day.
The day she will believe & understand,
That she is the support without which you cannot stand.
For often your true love is made into mockery,
For she thinks it’s nothing but mere sorcery.
They insult you and your love by calling it infatuation,
And feel that as time passes your love will undergo depreciation.
For them it’s just like a big blown up balloon,
Which is expected to deflate very soon.
In the course of life most mysteries science might solve,
And most conflicts might resolve.
But no matter how much you try to explain,
You maybe stylish or just plain,
Every iota of your effort will go in vain.
You might keep trying even after she becomes your wife,
But the proof of love you might not be able to provide throughout your life.

Suraj A. Dhirwani
Ist B.H.M.S. Roll No. 18
Smt. C.M.P. Homoeopathic
Medical College.
2nd January 2003.

It is Not pure....


The first drop of rain was falling on my face,
But it is not pure.
I’m taking the first snowflake on my tongue,
But it’s not pure.
I have a day of fun & frolic on the beach,
But it’s not pure.
I am swimming in the ocean,
But it’s not pure.
I am drinking the water of a small brook,
But it’s not pure.
I am breathing the air on a warm morning,
But it’s not pure.
I am rolling in the soil of a hillock,
But it’s not pure.
I am catching the cloud on the peak of the mountain,
But it’s not pure.
I am basking in the sunbeam,
But it’s not pure.
I am walking, someone wishes me hello,
But it’s not pure.
I am boarding a bus, an acquaintance smiles,
But it’s not pure.
I pretend to be peacefully deep asleep,
But it’s not pure.
I am trying to study,
But it’s not pure.
I am being imparted knowledge,
But it’s not pure.
I am living life,
But it’s not pure.
For we are always whining,
Replacing living, with existing & surviving.
In this materialistic world mad world,
Except for His blessings & parent’s love,
Nothing’s left pure.
For the betterment of “humans”,
To these problems we must find a cure…
For the best life to live is one which is pure.

Suraj A. Dhirwani
Ist B.H.M.S. Roll No. 18
Smt. C.M.P. Homoeopathic
Medical College.
14th August 2002.



Even when man used to dwell in caves,
And crystal clear water lapped up as waves,
He has always been plagued by illness and disease,
Over the years he tried everything from chalk to cheese,
Then came Allopathy or Modern medicine,
But actual cure was never seen.
Then came Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, our great, beloved master,
He showed cure which was gentle, permanent and faster,
He gave the world a new science, Homoeopathy its name,
Similia Similibus Curentur was its claim to fame.
It started making people true physicians, rather than doctors behaving as magicians.
It actually worked miracles, which could all be explained by its solid principles.
Most could not digest its success, it took them by surprise,
Therefore our master said ‘Audeus Sapre’ :- Dare To Be Wise.
It is much better than what other “doctors” practiced...leeching, beating & cheating.
Had to be for it IS the True Art of Healing.
But just as usual, to the best, the truth, the world turns a blind eye,
Rather than take our sweet globules, in pain and agony they cry.
They give homoeopathy and Homoeopaths step-motherly treatment,
They forget someday, they too will all have to come to us for their treatment.
We have to work hard for that day,
Never from our paths should we sway,
Then there will be a new dawn, rise of a new sun,
When we will no longer be ‘alternative’, rather the treatment choice number one.
That goal is exactly the duty of all Homoeopaths including mine,
Together to make our lovely Art & Science shine


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