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Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Even when man used to dwell in caves,
And crystal clear water lapped up as waves,
He has always been plagued by illness and disease,
Over the years he tried everything from chalk to cheese,
Then came Allopathy or Modern medicine,
But actual cure was never seen.
Then came Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, our great, beloved master,
He showed cure which was gentle, permanent and faster,
He gave the world a new science, Homoeopathy its name,
Similia Similibus Curentur was its claim to fame.
It started making people true physicians, rather than doctors behaving as magicians.
It actually worked miracles, which could all be explained by its solid principles.
Most could not digest its success, it took them by surprise,
Therefore our master said ‘Audeus Sapre’ :- Dare To Be Wise.
It is much better than what other “doctors” practiced...leeching, beating & cheating.
Had to be for it IS the True Art of Healing.
But just as usual, to the best, the truth, the world turns a blind eye,
Rather than take our sweet globules, in pain and agony they cry.
They give homoeopathy and Homoeopaths step-motherly treatment,
They forget someday, they too will all have to come to us for their treatment.
We have to work hard for that day,
Never from our paths should we sway,
Then there will be a new dawn, rise of a new sun,
When we will no longer be ‘alternative’, rather the treatment choice number one.
That goal is exactly the duty of all Homoeopaths including mine,
Together to make our lovely Art & Science shine

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Original Work by Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani

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