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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life Back in Track...

Life back on track

After all that I went through,
Desperation, frustration and tension,
My prayers finally got a breakthrough,
Of course there was some manipulation.
And then my heart was humming a different beat,
Most willing to walk the miles were my tired feet,
Nothing was felt, neither the cold, nor the scorching heat.

Things were changing, I was evolving,
Whirlwind of ideas at me were rushing,
The enthusiasm was different, something new,
Obstacles and mental blocks not withstanding except a few.

I entered and felt all revitalized,
My past I instantly surmised.
The shallowness in me I felt and realized.
I felt like fish coming back into water,
Years of drought vanished with laughter,
So much in harmony with myself I could feel,
Of course a little pain is part of the deal,
I had to learn things I should have learnt much before,
The place was healing wounds, which had long been sore.

Surging ahead at full steam I was,
And this time it was all for the right cause,
My principles of course I did not change or give up,
As firm as ever to my roots I was stuck,
This was me the real me, I was back,
After all I had been through my life was back on track.

------------Suraj A. Dhirwani.

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