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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


(The present world through a child’s eyes)
I am an 8 year old, who seldom fumes with fury,
It seems in my life there is no worry.
But the others ion my house never seem to relax,
They are always worried to the max.
My father to me is very dear,
But when he reads the newspaper I feel fear.
Because he talks of something terrible happening,
Due to something called terrorism, which is rising.
Later he would sit and fret,
‘bout how the ends will be met.
He says there is recession,
Which gives him lots of tension.
And talks of unstable governments,
And how there is scope for amendments.
He keeps going in out of the house,
And doesn’t even have time to talk to his spouse.

Which is my mother dear.
My mother has her own problems galore,
Most of the times she is bugged and wants no more.
She complains of about the vegetables with degrading qualities and rising prices,
But still makes sure I get my daily dose of 8 orange slices.
Yet she juggles the household chores so well,
And answers efficiently to every telephone and doorbell.
Most of which are for my elder brother or sister.

Which reminds me of my elder brother,
Who about helping my mom doesn’t bother.
He quips with much delight,
That yesterday in college he had a good fight.
As for him studies are a gigantic problem,
As in engineering college he is you see,
And so best he has to be.
He says he will get a high percent,
But his promises keep diminishing till they form a crescent.
For in life he wants to make it big,
And someday own an oilrig.
He idolizes some people I don’t know of,
With names like Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, George Bush, and Andrew Flintoff.
Of music he talks a lot,
Heavy metal, rap, pop and hard rock.
To me his ‘stereo system as he calls it,
Blares out something I don’t understand a bit.

Neither do my parents and elder sister,
Who is perpetually in search of a decent mister.
And never talking of studies,
But is always hanging out with her buddies.
She is bogged with homework from her school and tuitions,
And still prefers acting to her intuitions.
She says at present she is occupied tending to her crushes,
And is most of the time applying make-up with 114 different brushes.

As for me going to school,
I find very uncool,
But love toys from Funskool.
Infact everyone in our house prefers branded products,
Hindustan Lever, Lakme, Times, HP rule the roost,
And even I prefer Horlicks to Boost.

Tension and recession I very much sun.
But still I can’t fail to wonder,
That what will I do when I grow up and begin to ponder.
I will think of such things when the proper time comes,
Till then I leave it to Him to help me through whatever happens.
As thanks to Him I have caring and loving parents,
And I shall remain indebted to them no matter what happens.
As for every child his parents are his world,
As his future they are the ones who mould.

Suraj A. Dhirwani
Ist B.H.M.S. Roll No. 18
Smt. C.M.P. Homoeopathic
Medical College.
12th February 2002.

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