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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tasteless generation

The quality of life has been reduced to denominations of money,

The 'youth' of India has a future opposite of sunny,

It’s because of them that these MNC's & brands thrive,

But they grossly lack the taste & the drive.

They just order whiskey... Don’t know if it’s royal challenge or black label,

They dress like retards, study like dyslexics & behave like a disabled,

They can’t differentiate their coke from thumbs up or mirinda from fanta,

They don’t know the reason behind diwali but have a gala party for Santa,

They are deaf to the difference between sound, music & noise,

The louder the better, perhaps thats the reason they keep screaming at the top of their voice,

Rags stitched together are fashionable if they have a 'brand' label on them,

They are jumping into the same ship, but do they know who is at the helm,

Man was always a social animal, but they are like cows...flocking in a herd,

If 1 does it the rest follow, be it nose ring ear piercing or a ridiculous beard,

Bereft of a mind of their own, they hardly have any goals or vision,

Combine that with zero inclination; now imagine the future state of the nation!

The 'west' have corroded, corrupted, demolished our lifestyle, health, wealth & culture,

Once we are finished, 'done' with, they will swoop down like a vulture,

& for the 1st time, in the history of world,

A country will be conquered, without war.


Nishant said...

dis is a real good one sir!!!

grazilia said...

hey I like your style of writing.It's simple and honest.thanks for sharing

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

@ Nihsant: Thanks Dude

@ Grazilia: Thank you for the honest appreciation. I am too blunt & frank to be able to metaphorize it any other way :)


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