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Tuesday, November 10, 2009



I have heard there is no right or wrong, only Power,
Then why is it that when it comes to changing the system, people who can, cower.

Why is it that the purpose is power and power is the purpose,
People have lost their senses & sense has lost its meaning and worth, I suppose.

Why is it that people in charge never take the right decisions,
Narrow-mindedly thinking of present & personal profit, not of values & reputation

Why is it that good guys finish last,
And anyone walking the other path has a blast.

Why is it easier for someone to not be good & all the laurel & hearts win,
When did honesty & decency get thrown into the thrash bin.

Why is it that elders who are supposed to guide us themselves indulge in weird games,
Indulging in mud-slinging calling each other names.

Why is it that despite being in a position to circumstances change,
People end up running after green money & objectives not even remotely in their range.

Why is it that words like politics have come to be in use with institutions and education,
And all culture, values, morals and principles have undergone remorse and mortification

Why is it that I feel so strong an angst, as if I belong to another phylum,
Or is it just me, crazy as usual, born to be thrown in a mental asylum…???


- Suraj A. Dhirwani.

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