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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mumbai - the Metropolitan !

Mumbai the true Metropolitan city:
yes, Mumbai may not be Shangai or Hong Kong, but it has reached the same climatic standards of London & New York !!!
Yes... Since now in Mumbai it can rain anytime. Be it November, March or August.

Stepping out in Mumbai today you must gear up like a war zone.
Ensure you carry enough food & water : you could be stuck in a traffic snarl for hours !
Always carry an umbrella, to shield you against either the scorching sun or the surprise rain !
Carry a flashlight, yes, too many potholes, dark alleys, unexpected power cuts.
& do not think that you can live without being connected to a cellphone !

You cannot predict the Mumbai life!
you could be enjoying a movie & suddenly you could be shuffled out by some political party.
You could have just set up shop but will have to close it again due to some 'bandh' against apparently rising inflation & oh! The protest does nothing but result in further financial loss.
You could be dying or giving birth, but celebration in he name of God is always more important. One of the worst days for a medical emergency is Ganpati Visarjan !

This city can now come to a standstill for reasons much worse & less important, almost mundane.
Earlier, an India Pakistan cricket match where Sachin Tendulkar would be on a roll would bring the city to a deserted look.

But now, every few days & the 1st possible weekend people are running AWAY from he city!

If you are so keen to escape the ethos & claustrophobic city, pray tell me, why do you return?
Return to this haphazardly randomly planned space of prime real estate where even shanties cost the sky for some.
Where everyday at least 2 new scandals come to light but 10 more take shape. & 20 more are conceived in the innards of some ridiculously sharp but negatively inclined mind.

Are we those very Mumbaikars who were infamous for their 'spirit' ?

Is it really our spirit our ability to 'move on' ... or are we actually selfish zombies who tread to a fixed pattern, dance to a preset tune & actually ignore, turn a complete blind eye, oblivious to everything happening around ?

Yes, we too belong to the true metropolitan city.
Like the busy Manhattan streets, we too have
far too many working couples, nuclear families,
extra large TVs in extra small homes
extra large clothes for men but extra small clothes for women
extra large debts with extra small hearts
extra large cheese burgers with extra small cholesterol lined arteries
extra large ambitions but extra small values & principles
extra large hard disks but extra small memory
extra large ideologies but extra small implementation

& I seem to have extra large work with an extra small paycheck
still I seem to have extra time to be cribbing about things that are just following a natural course of progression towards what is destined.
Should I be the fool who attempts to change it, prevent it, delay it, correct it ?
But then, who am I ?
The choice is OURS ... Not mine alone ... but yes, each individual does count.
& I say : "count me in!" 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diwali Wishes 2010

Returning to work after 3 days of rest & blissful ease,

It was so nice, clean & full of relative peace.

Less of formal gifts & greetings, more of genuine wishes.

Time to introspect & relish all those wonderful dishes.

Thank you very much for wishing me & sparing your time,

Hope your Diwali & New year is as good as mine.

Wishing you happy workdays for the next 45 days !

- Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Titan: the INDIAN Watch Brand

Yesterday, had been to the World of Titan FLAGSHIP store at Bandra.
Had stepped in with the intention of buying 2 watches, came out buying 6 !
Those who haven't visited this store, must definitely have a look.
Its one of the most posh Watch stores I have ever come across, especially for an Indian brand !

Even before you enter, you will notice the HUGE Art Watch Installation made completely of discarded watches at the entrance. Beautiful !
You enter in this HUGE space, pristine white store.
Every customer is offered a bottle of packaged drinking water
The sales person handles all your queries with care as he does the watches with 'gloved' hands.
Some very nice installations as displays
EVERY single model available is up on display, including their entire Zoop, FastTrack, Raga, Orion, Octane, Obaku, Edge & Nebula range !
Not to mention Tommy Hilfieger & Boss !

Your entire experience in the outlet is very refined, smooth & pleasing.
They add all special touches to make you feel special, like a Rose in your bill.
Even their new Warranty cards are all plastic & feel special.

Why am I rambling on about Titan ?
(No, they are not paying me for advertising)

but because, that very day, I had been to Shopper's stop, the Citizen Showroom & the Watches of Switzerland showroom, all 3 of these are within 20 meters of this Titan showroom!
& none of these places was I treated with as much respect & care as they did.

Now, usually one thinks of Titan & dismisses it off as a brand for the common man, but I urge you all to re-think this once you have visited this showroom !

they have watches from 575 Rs to 1 lac !
YES ! Thats right !

They have a Watch for Every Hand !

you are a kid wanting fancy colours & a digital watch
or a teenager wanting some AMAZING styles & thorough value for money FastTrack watches

& all those of us (including me) who admire watches like Espirit, Fossil, Giordano, Skagen, Rado, Rolex, Tissot & TagHeur
MUST MUST take a look at their
Orion, Octane, Obaku, Edge & Automatic range of watches !!!

You have your standard sporty, chronograph watches in shades like Blue dial with yellow hands & Black & red & even Analog + Digital in the sporty Octane range

You have extremely classy super slim designer dress watches in the Edge collection (I just sorely miss the 'seconds hand' but otherwise LOVE it)

Obaku is seriously the sweetest decent piece of time I have set my eyes on. Simplicity personified. Neat & extremely attractive

& all those with a taste for something more flashy, larger dials, chronographs, Gold, Rose-gold can have a look at the Orion collection !

& these are just some of the watches I loved & bought !

Not to forget their Raga & Heritage collector's edition watches as also their EXPENSIVE Nebula range for the elite few.

Again, why talk of all this ???


Be Indian Buy Indian !
Yes indeed ... why not !!!

When a Indian brand is offering you a thorough value for money product with amazing service, treating you exclusively, a good warranty, excellent service network & products that are truly world class designs then WHY go for anything else & disregard the great & commendable effort of our OWN COUNTRYMEN !

Its the Customer who maketh the brand !
Not the Celebrity that endorses it !

I definitely agree that a Rolex, Rado, Tag Heur are definitely a different league altogether.
But the other numerous brands like Police, Guess, Giordano, Fossil which have coming rushing to India for a piece of the action with their Old Stock & Outdated watches (yes indeed, check their online U.S. Catalogues & you wont find any of those watches here, ever), why not give a chance to our very own Titan !

Just my thoughts, as a patriot at heart, with a keen eye for details & a good taste,
I found it wise to spend my hard earned money on a product that actually felt very nice to wear & felt even nicer buying it !

To each his own , but as far as possible please "Be Indian, Buy Indian"
(more on that coming up in my next post)

P.S. wearing a regular ORIGINAL Titan is any day WAY better than wearing a replica of any of those expensive watches (be it the cheap 500 ` replica or the 3000 ` first copy good replica)
because eitherways you are only fooling yourself !
those who know, very well know its a replica !
Atleast this way you can proudly wear a original watch you have actually paid the price for !

Titan & the Indian Brands

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cycle of Karma

I believe more & mostly only in the cycle of Karma.

Because I think God, even though he is God, doesnt really have the time to monitor 6 billion humans who process a million thoughts a second & posess a million wishes in their hearts.

So, HE being the smart entity that He is, put in place a 'System'.

Maybe even an 'Algorithm' of sorts,that determines the result based on the cumulative data of our efforts, intentions, deeds, nature & behaviour / character.

This was just a flow of words, that came to my mind & I penned them down for no definite reason.

More on this, later, some other time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A example of Destiny called Harman Baweja

Some say,
there is nothing called Destiny, or rather chose not to believe in the concept of it.

Well, answer me this:

How come a guy:
  • who is reasonably good looking, (infact resembles a guy who is considered a demi-god)
  • who has a good height, above average physique
  • manages to dance quite smoothly
  • can definitely express something by his face (unlike some other famous National Award winning actors)
  • has a big time producer for a Father
  • landed up not one by TWO films with one of the topmost heroines
  • had some extremely HIGH Budget & Expensive movies produced for him (Love Story 2050 & Victory)
  • did a vast variety of roles (futuristic, common confused guy next door, cricketing super star)
  • had a battery of famous international cricketing stars roped in a movie revolving entirely around him
  • had one the best & most successful epic directors make a film with him & ended up giving his 1st flop in all these years (Ashutosh Gowariker)
  • had Priyanka Chopra playing one of her Career Best & extremely fantastic performances (Whats your Rashee?)
  • had all movies supported by reasonably good music & scripts (unlike many others produced)
  • has not had any major controversies, bad press or unnecessary publicity stunts to his credit

& YET, has been regaled by the audience to a long lost memory corner, while many others, definitely not as capable as him are still lingering around on the screen !

What is the reason behind this 'logic defying' outcome of a career ?

Numerology? Wrong publicity agent? Did not feed the right mouths? Stayed too honest & truthful ? Luck? Destiny ? .......................

Comments & Observations are welcome ...
Its just a thought that crossed my mind .... not that I have a preference or any soft corners, just a passing thought ...

P.S. I really DID like Whats you Rashee & yes I have seen all his films, they are not really fantastic, but I have also seen WORSE films than those.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trekking : short one day treks.

Trekking Inventory:

· First aid kit

· Chocolates

· Water

· Sweets

· Napkin

· Food

· Poncho

· Instruments & equipments

· Plastic bags

Well trekking is basically a great adventure filled with amazing beautiful visuals of Nature. One must be careful not to let these good memories become bad experiences. Certain things that you must always carry during a trek;

  1. A Proper Shoulder backpack. (size depends on kind of trek) Not a sling bag or a duffel bag. & something that is not too padded or heavy.
  2. Wear GOOD SHOES. Proper firm sole, good grip, not too much cotton or padding that can absorb & hold water. No heels, no slippers. Proper shoes with laces. Preferably Hunters.
  3. Preferably FULL pants. No shorts. and a loose T-shirt. It isn't a party or a beauty contest, prime importance is Comfort. Jeans tend to get heavy with water & take time to dry, so track pants are better.
  4. Waterproof Everything. Your wallet, your cellphone, your cards, license, whatever you carry must be DOUBLE wrapped in plastic bags, ziplock bags, self sealing bags or waterproof pouches.
  5. Food: always carry 2-3 bars of chocolate, some sweets, 1 packet of salty biscuits, 1 packet Electral, 1-2 ltrs of water depending on your intake and Lunch/Breakfast if instructed.
  6. Carry 1/2 x 2 liter bottles rather than 1 x 1 liter bottle. It divides the weight better.
  7. a Basic first aid kit: Bandaids. Cotton. Calendula ointment. Emergency medication. Any special medication that you have been prescribed.
  8. Equipment: A torch with spare batteries for a night trek, a multipurpose toolkit or swiss knife, waterproof pouches, 3-5 mts of rope, loose threads, rubberbands, safety pins, small sewing kit.
  9. 1 Bottle of Hand sanitizer. 1 Pack of tissues. 1 small bottle of chlorine.
  10. NAPKIN. Dry napkins, Handkerchiefs & Bandanas.
  11. Broad cap for Summer treks and Good windcheater or Poncho for Monsoon treks.
  12. Spare plastic bags.

Thats all I can remember so far - "for a small one day trek." Ensure Stability, firmness, stitches and seams of all equipment & clothes before you leave. Also verify Expiry dates of all perishable items.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nokia v/s BlackBerry

The entire 1st half of 2010, this question has been presented to me by at least 37 people who were planning to buy a new Cellphone.
Nokia or Blackberry.

Though BB, has just caught on as a fad, even amongst college students who have absolutely no "urgency" of email being delivered in real time, but just as a fashion accessory, look cool & fit amongst the crowd.

I was forced to take a new unbiased look at the whole situation & review it from a practical stand point.

This is it:

Primarily, the cost of Acquiring a Handset:
The Cheapest Blackberry is 8520 Curve : around 14,000 Rs now as compared to Nokia E63around 9,000 Rs now.

Nokia E63 SCORES over the Blackberry 8520 : 3G, Camera with FLASH & a substantial saving of atleast 5000 Rs.
The BB 8520 has the advantage of Optical Trackpad,but is 2G & hence will be outdated soon as the major use is of Data which will be substantially slower than other 3G phones.

Now to compare the TOP most models of both companies.
The Blackberry Bold2 9700 coasting around 27,000 Rs as compared to the top of the line Nokia E72 for 16,500 Rs.
Where as the E72 has a 5mp camera & is 10,000 Rs. cheaper. MINIMUM.

So whats good about the Blackberry:
  • Build Quality
  • Push email, instantly in your inbox
  • Blackberry Messenger
Whats bad:
  • Expensive from the start
  • Cant easily install applications (which are freely available for Symbian)
  • Additional extra cost per month to be able to USE those very services
Frankly, buying a Blackberry handset and NOT subscribing to BB services is just a TOTAL waste & a ridiculous thing to do.
Because as a phone, they are not feature rich, nor multimedia centric, neither easy to sue or 'fun' to operate.
To even receive a file via Bluetooth is a MAJOR process.

Now, that push email thing had me really going for it.
When all my close friends got a BB, I often looked sceptically at my Nokia E90 communicator and was bursting to go out & buy a BB for myself too.
The temptation was Overwhelming.

That's when I started my research on what actually ticks.

The whole game change when I realized that Nokia has launched Nokia Mail & Nokia Messenger.
My 'old' phone doesn't support Nokia Messenger, but does support Nokia Mail.
Downloaded it & up & running in no time. Was a wonderful service. Instant real-time email, Plethora of options, colourful & fun. Unlike the BB.

Then came the issue of COST. Yes, data charges, GPRS.

with a Blackberry, the Most Basic plan that you can opt for is 299 Rs per month (3600 Rs per year!) with 10 email accounts free, Gtalk & everything : but check this out, NO WEB BROWSING over wap or GPRS. which essentially means you have a 'smartphone' but you cant even "google search" !!!

As compared to the plan available with most operators:
99 Rs. per month 2.5Gb free, further usage 10 paise/10kb.
I activated that plan on my phone.
Nokia Mail running all day, instant emails.
Log in to eBuddy or Fring or NimBuzz or Skype smoothly & running in the background.
On top of that, browsing the Internet on Opera Mobile with all sites opening in their elemental form with reasonable Flash & Java support.
& total usage at the end of the month 1.9Gb ! :)
Yearly cost : 1200 Rs. (another saving of 2400 Rs)

The smile was back on my face. I was loving my Nokia E90. Wide screen, great battery, super spacious keyboard. Life was good again.
Sense prevailed.

Bottom line:
Yes Blackberry is a Good product, but ONLY if you REALLY NEED IT.
Otherwise, Nokia is doing perfectly fine & in fact better !
Don't go for things blindly just because your neighbour bought the same product.
Even "businessmen" would agree that it makes business sense to SAVE a minimum of 7400 to 12400 Rs per year & Blackberry doesn't actually SAVE you money.
Which would be a good point for all the college students to note too.

Not to forget: Great service by Nokia with plenty of service centers around the city as well as excellent resale value.

That's my personal opinion after my personal experience.
I thank all my friends, who gave me the opportunity to explore, browse & use their Blackberry 8520 curve and 9700 Bold2 phones & also those who recently bought Nokia E72, E75 & E63 where I could explore some more.

P.S.: I will admit this, Nokia does need to improve in certain aspects, Build quality, variety, optical trackpad smoothness & Public Awareness of what it actually is capable of & above all the AGEING Symbian S60v3 OS.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 1st rain of 2010

Yesterday those Sweet drops from Heaven feel,
In an attempt to cool this place scorching hotter than Hell.
The sweetest smell arose from the earth,best as it can be,
I yearn to go up that Mountain, feel the Spirit Free.
Let it come, Let it our, Let it drench Us Whole,
Delayed because of our sins, lets cleanse our Soul.

- Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani
2nd June 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pratisaad- the Response (The Film)

Pratisaad- the Response (The Film)

Is the World's 1st Feature Film based on Homoeopathy.
It is a Marathi cinema movie.
Produced by Dr. Amar Nikam (a Homoeopath)
based in Pune.

The World's 1st film on Homoeopathy !!!
It is a splendid effort, the sheer thought & execution is WORTH APPLAUDING.
Hats off to the whole team !!!

It is long overdue & finally someone has take a step !


Makes me feel proud to be a Homoeopath

Dr. Nikam Sir;
I am a practicing Homoeopath, from Mumbai.
I just saw the 'movie'.
& I Salute you.
Hats off to you Sir. For the sheer thought, then the effort & above all the execution.
The titles is VERY APT.
It is finally 'a response', from our side.
Pure unadulterated Homoeopathy in general.
The treatment of the film, the script, the subtle hidden morales, the confidence booster, the values & principles mentioned & emphasized upon, simply FANTASTIC.
Very silently, you have executed a thought,that ignites a deep fire within the soul of every Homoeopath, which will someday culminate in a Bang.
Thank You.


11:55am 5:30 8:00 10:30pm
Sion E, Mumbai
Nirmal Lifestyle Mall, Mulund W, Mumbai

Friday, January 8, 2010

Farming in an Audi Q7

I am a self professed & well proved Patriot, Nature Lover and Automobile Enthusiast amongst many other things.
Yesterday, on my way back home from work, in a span of 1 km, not less than 5 Audi Q7, 3 BMW 5 series, 2 BMW 3 series, 1 Audi A4, 7 Mercedes C class, 4 Mercedes E class, 1 Mercedes S class, 2 Toyota Prado, 2 Land Rovers were amongst the "Cars/SUVs" that I spotted on either sides of the road.
Normally, any car lover would be drooling by now, but I was stuck in the middle of traffic. Worth noting it took me 8 minutes to cross that 1 km stretch. Which prompted my mind to think:
Where is the space for all these HUGE cars ?
Where is the PETROL to run all these guzzling beasts?
Where is the MONEY for so many Individuals to be able to afford such cars?

In retrospect, I was thinking, just half a decade ago, it was quite a sight to even spot a Mercedes cruise past as it was really a symbol of the pure Rich & Wealthy. But now, suddenly, akin to a war, EVERY Automobile manufacturer worth its name has set up shop in India. Why India suddenly? Oh its growing they say!!! Growing? How? Where? Why?

Dig a little deeper than the slum covered Mumbai, or the unemployment laden areas and you find the core India.
Brush up a few headlines:
"Farmers committing suicides"
Why? inspite of all the incentives, tax waivers? No good crop due to bad rains, bad soil?
Huh? What happened? Our country was a land of agriculture!
Just yesterday I saw an ad on TV about a new range of Tractors being launched by a prestigious firm!
Whats happening?
And then I googled up some stuff & realized that A SEIZEABLE bumber of farmers having been selling of their LANDS, Huge vast pieces of beautiful land for commercial development. Obviously, these farmers have gained unheard , unseen amounts of money in these deals.
What are they doing with all this towering pile of money?
Investing or Spending. Simple. Right?
So where do they spend it?
Acquiring everything that has been considered the Hallmark of the Rich & Famous.
Be it a funky hairstyle, or branded clothes, luxury goods like these automobiles & motorbikes.
But what happened to the Farms of the Country? Gone.
What happens to the environment of the Country? Further Gone.
What happens to the rising cost of food because of increase in imports of food grains and other products (noticed the IMPORTED fruits you eat everyday? from China to Australia to New Zealand to Hungary!)

Well, that was 1 side of the story.

Now... lets focus on the Birghter side!
Wow! India is growing! We have all those things we used to just hear off or see on TV/Newspapers in "foreign" lands. The state of the art technology, the latest cellphones.
The best cars money can buy!
Drool over the latest Maserati, the sleekest Porche.
Oh what a hunk of an SUV !
Torque & Power thats capable of pulling a ton of load.
Acceleration that will set them going before you say go.
Comforts that make you feel in a palace.
And Fuel that will be empty before you reach home. Obviously, with fuel efficiency figures of 3,4,5,6,7,8 kmpl you have to have a HUGE fuel tank & an even bigger Pocket. as well as a HUGE hollow in your head to be messing with our Environment like this.

Now, I am myself a major Hummer fan. Believe me. But I always say, what is the point of that Beast in the city. Why, oh pray why, will you buy a 4x4 offroader, SUV to drive from home to work & back ! WHY !!??!?!

What are you going to do with all that power & top speed of 200+ kmph? Sit in your garage & dream that you are ascending a mountain?

Then I realized, oh but ofcourse, it can pull a ton of weight, go through any terrain!

How stupid I was to think that these foreign companies have just come to plunder my Mother India and her wealth.
No, no, Not at all. They have great feeligns & thoughts for Indians.
They dont want the Indian farmer to suffer 1 bit.
Thats why these SUV's.
They want our farmers to use their SUVs to plough their fields, in the comfort of an Air Conditioned, Leather seats, plush interiors, 4 DIN music system.
Obviously their SUV will definitely manage to give an average better than the tractor.
What a genius of a plan.

So now Imagine... a fair, tall, healthy, handsome looking guy. Walks up in a buttoned up shirt, with a purple Satya Paul tie, dapper grey pin striped Reid & Taylor suit, hand stitched shoes, steps out of his plush Home in they city, drives to his farm (not farm house) and starts ploughing in the very same car he came in , the Audi Q7.
and proudly says : Hi, I am a farmer.

Well, if you are smiling right now, then it isn't funny. Because the truth mentioned above is worse than this piece of fiction.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Another year gone by,
Well, nothing new, time does fly,
But there were new things,
Missions accomplished & tied up some loose strings.
Some new steps taken, direction is the same,
Playing on, you are still in the game.
As you step forward in the year to come,
Heres wishing whatever u want be done,
May You get everything that every1 else must have wished you in their sms today,
Above all I just sincerely hope that YOU wish the same for others every day,
Because if we need something today,its a Better year, a better world,
It all starts with a good thought, a pure intent precious as Gold,
Wishing you & your family a very great, prosperous, amazing, Happy New Year!
Thank you for the great 2009.
- Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani.


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