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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trekking : short one day treks.

Trekking Inventory:

· First aid kit

· Chocolates

· Water

· Sweets

· Napkin

· Food

· Poncho

· Instruments & equipments

· Plastic bags

Well trekking is basically a great adventure filled with amazing beautiful visuals of Nature. One must be careful not to let these good memories become bad experiences. Certain things that you must always carry during a trek;

  1. A Proper Shoulder backpack. (size depends on kind of trek) Not a sling bag or a duffel bag. & something that is not too padded or heavy.
  2. Wear GOOD SHOES. Proper firm sole, good grip, not too much cotton or padding that can absorb & hold water. No heels, no slippers. Proper shoes with laces. Preferably Hunters.
  3. Preferably FULL pants. No shorts. and a loose T-shirt. It isn't a party or a beauty contest, prime importance is Comfort. Jeans tend to get heavy with water & take time to dry, so track pants are better.
  4. Waterproof Everything. Your wallet, your cellphone, your cards, license, whatever you carry must be DOUBLE wrapped in plastic bags, ziplock bags, self sealing bags or waterproof pouches.
  5. Food: always carry 2-3 bars of chocolate, some sweets, 1 packet of salty biscuits, 1 packet Electral, 1-2 ltrs of water depending on your intake and Lunch/Breakfast if instructed.
  6. Carry 1/2 x 2 liter bottles rather than 1 x 1 liter bottle. It divides the weight better.
  7. a Basic first aid kit: Bandaids. Cotton. Calendula ointment. Emergency medication. Any special medication that you have been prescribed.
  8. Equipment: A torch with spare batteries for a night trek, a multipurpose toolkit or swiss knife, waterproof pouches, 3-5 mts of rope, loose threads, rubberbands, safety pins, small sewing kit.
  9. 1 Bottle of Hand sanitizer. 1 Pack of tissues. 1 small bottle of chlorine.
  10. NAPKIN. Dry napkins, Handkerchiefs & Bandanas.
  11. Broad cap for Summer treks and Good windcheater or Poncho for Monsoon treks.
  12. Spare plastic bags.

Thats all I can remember so far - "for a small one day trek." Ensure Stability, firmness, stitches and seams of all equipment & clothes before you leave. Also verify Expiry dates of all perishable items.

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