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Monday, August 16, 2010

Titan: the INDIAN Watch Brand

Yesterday, had been to the World of Titan FLAGSHIP store at Bandra.
Had stepped in with the intention of buying 2 watches, came out buying 6 !
Those who haven't visited this store, must definitely have a look.
Its one of the most posh Watch stores I have ever come across, especially for an Indian brand !

Even before you enter, you will notice the HUGE Art Watch Installation made completely of discarded watches at the entrance. Beautiful !
You enter in this HUGE space, pristine white store.
Every customer is offered a bottle of packaged drinking water
The sales person handles all your queries with care as he does the watches with 'gloved' hands.
Some very nice installations as displays
EVERY single model available is up on display, including their entire Zoop, FastTrack, Raga, Orion, Octane, Obaku, Edge & Nebula range !
Not to mention Tommy Hilfieger & Boss !

Your entire experience in the outlet is very refined, smooth & pleasing.
They add all special touches to make you feel special, like a Rose in your bill.
Even their new Warranty cards are all plastic & feel special.

Why am I rambling on about Titan ?
(No, they are not paying me for advertising)

but because, that very day, I had been to Shopper's stop, the Citizen Showroom & the Watches of Switzerland showroom, all 3 of these are within 20 meters of this Titan showroom!
& none of these places was I treated with as much respect & care as they did.

Now, usually one thinks of Titan & dismisses it off as a brand for the common man, but I urge you all to re-think this once you have visited this showroom !

they have watches from 575 Rs to 1 lac !
YES ! Thats right !

They have a Watch for Every Hand !

you are a kid wanting fancy colours & a digital watch
or a teenager wanting some AMAZING styles & thorough value for money FastTrack watches

& all those of us (including me) who admire watches like Espirit, Fossil, Giordano, Skagen, Rado, Rolex, Tissot & TagHeur
MUST MUST take a look at their
Orion, Octane, Obaku, Edge & Automatic range of watches !!!

You have your standard sporty, chronograph watches in shades like Blue dial with yellow hands & Black & red & even Analog + Digital in the sporty Octane range

You have extremely classy super slim designer dress watches in the Edge collection (I just sorely miss the 'seconds hand' but otherwise LOVE it)

Obaku is seriously the sweetest decent piece of time I have set my eyes on. Simplicity personified. Neat & extremely attractive

& all those with a taste for something more flashy, larger dials, chronographs, Gold, Rose-gold can have a look at the Orion collection !

& these are just some of the watches I loved & bought !

Not to forget their Raga & Heritage collector's edition watches as also their EXPENSIVE Nebula range for the elite few.

Again, why talk of all this ???


Be Indian Buy Indian !
Yes indeed ... why not !!!

When a Indian brand is offering you a thorough value for money product with amazing service, treating you exclusively, a good warranty, excellent service network & products that are truly world class designs then WHY go for anything else & disregard the great & commendable effort of our OWN COUNTRYMEN !

Its the Customer who maketh the brand !
Not the Celebrity that endorses it !

I definitely agree that a Rolex, Rado, Tag Heur are definitely a different league altogether.
But the other numerous brands like Police, Guess, Giordano, Fossil which have coming rushing to India for a piece of the action with their Old Stock & Outdated watches (yes indeed, check their online U.S. Catalogues & you wont find any of those watches here, ever), why not give a chance to our very own Titan !

Just my thoughts, as a patriot at heart, with a keen eye for details & a good taste,
I found it wise to spend my hard earned money on a product that actually felt very nice to wear & felt even nicer buying it !

To each his own , but as far as possible please "Be Indian, Buy Indian"
(more on that coming up in my next post)

P.S. wearing a regular ORIGINAL Titan is any day WAY better than wearing a replica of any of those expensive watches (be it the cheap 500 ` replica or the 3000 ` first copy good replica)
because eitherways you are only fooling yourself !
those who know, very well know its a replica !
Atleast this way you can proudly wear a original watch you have actually paid the price for !

Titan & the Indian Brands

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cycle of Karma

I believe more & mostly only in the cycle of Karma.

Because I think God, even though he is God, doesnt really have the time to monitor 6 billion humans who process a million thoughts a second & posess a million wishes in their hearts.

So, HE being the smart entity that He is, put in place a 'System'.

Maybe even an 'Algorithm' of sorts,that determines the result based on the cumulative data of our efforts, intentions, deeds, nature & behaviour / character.

This was just a flow of words, that came to my mind & I penned them down for no definite reason.

More on this, later, some other time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A example of Destiny called Harman Baweja

Some say,
there is nothing called Destiny, or rather chose not to believe in the concept of it.

Well, answer me this:

How come a guy:
  • who is reasonably good looking, (infact resembles a guy who is considered a demi-god)
  • who has a good height, above average physique
  • manages to dance quite smoothly
  • can definitely express something by his face (unlike some other famous National Award winning actors)
  • has a big time producer for a Father
  • landed up not one by TWO films with one of the topmost heroines
  • had some extremely HIGH Budget & Expensive movies produced for him (Love Story 2050 & Victory)
  • did a vast variety of roles (futuristic, common confused guy next door, cricketing super star)
  • had a battery of famous international cricketing stars roped in a movie revolving entirely around him
  • had one the best & most successful epic directors make a film with him & ended up giving his 1st flop in all these years (Ashutosh Gowariker)
  • had Priyanka Chopra playing one of her Career Best & extremely fantastic performances (Whats your Rashee?)
  • had all movies supported by reasonably good music & scripts (unlike many others produced)
  • has not had any major controversies, bad press or unnecessary publicity stunts to his credit

& YET, has been regaled by the audience to a long lost memory corner, while many others, definitely not as capable as him are still lingering around on the screen !

What is the reason behind this 'logic defying' outcome of a career ?

Numerology? Wrong publicity agent? Did not feed the right mouths? Stayed too honest & truthful ? Luck? Destiny ? .......................

Comments & Observations are welcome ...
Its just a thought that crossed my mind .... not that I have a preference or any soft corners, just a passing thought ...

P.S. I really DID like Whats you Rashee & yes I have seen all his films, they are not really fantastic, but I have also seen WORSE films than those.


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