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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A example of Destiny called Harman Baweja

Some say,
there is nothing called Destiny, or rather chose not to believe in the concept of it.

Well, answer me this:

How come a guy:
  • who is reasonably good looking, (infact resembles a guy who is considered a demi-god)
  • who has a good height, above average physique
  • manages to dance quite smoothly
  • can definitely express something by his face (unlike some other famous National Award winning actors)
  • has a big time producer for a Father
  • landed up not one by TWO films with one of the topmost heroines
  • had some extremely HIGH Budget & Expensive movies produced for him (Love Story 2050 & Victory)
  • did a vast variety of roles (futuristic, common confused guy next door, cricketing super star)
  • had a battery of famous international cricketing stars roped in a movie revolving entirely around him
  • had one the best & most successful epic directors make a film with him & ended up giving his 1st flop in all these years (Ashutosh Gowariker)
  • had Priyanka Chopra playing one of her Career Best & extremely fantastic performances (Whats your Rashee?)
  • had all movies supported by reasonably good music & scripts (unlike many others produced)
  • has not had any major controversies, bad press or unnecessary publicity stunts to his credit

& YET, has been regaled by the audience to a long lost memory corner, while many others, definitely not as capable as him are still lingering around on the screen !

What is the reason behind this 'logic defying' outcome of a career ?

Numerology? Wrong publicity agent? Did not feed the right mouths? Stayed too honest & truthful ? Luck? Destiny ? .......................

Comments & Observations are welcome ...
Its just a thought that crossed my mind .... not that I have a preference or any soft corners, just a passing thought ...

P.S. I really DID like Whats you Rashee & yes I have seen all his films, they are not really fantastic, but I have also seen WORSE films than those.

1 comment:

Doc Rachita said...

I think i would blame destiny to that. i mean what more do you need going in your favour to get you up and out there amongst the biggies?
or second..the tipping point hasnt come for him till now..maybe he is just not meant for this and is doing all the acting because he has a producer dad!!! maybe he is really brilliant at something else but no so blesses as far as the resources go..will have to struggle but will definitely be remembered as a someone at the end of it..!


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