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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mumbai - the Metropolitan !

Mumbai the true Metropolitan city:
yes, Mumbai may not be Shangai or Hong Kong, but it has reached the same climatic standards of London & New York !!!
Yes... Since now in Mumbai it can rain anytime. Be it November, March or August.

Stepping out in Mumbai today you must gear up like a war zone.
Ensure you carry enough food & water : you could be stuck in a traffic snarl for hours !
Always carry an umbrella, to shield you against either the scorching sun or the surprise rain !
Carry a flashlight, yes, too many potholes, dark alleys, unexpected power cuts.
& do not think that you can live without being connected to a cellphone !

You cannot predict the Mumbai life!
you could be enjoying a movie & suddenly you could be shuffled out by some political party.
You could have just set up shop but will have to close it again due to some 'bandh' against apparently rising inflation & oh! The protest does nothing but result in further financial loss.
You could be dying or giving birth, but celebration in he name of God is always more important. One of the worst days for a medical emergency is Ganpati Visarjan !

This city can now come to a standstill for reasons much worse & less important, almost mundane.
Earlier, an India Pakistan cricket match where Sachin Tendulkar would be on a roll would bring the city to a deserted look.

But now, every few days & the 1st possible weekend people are running AWAY from he city!

If you are so keen to escape the ethos & claustrophobic city, pray tell me, why do you return?
Return to this haphazardly randomly planned space of prime real estate where even shanties cost the sky for some.
Where everyday at least 2 new scandals come to light but 10 more take shape. & 20 more are conceived in the innards of some ridiculously sharp but negatively inclined mind.

Are we those very Mumbaikars who were infamous for their 'spirit' ?

Is it really our spirit our ability to 'move on' ... or are we actually selfish zombies who tread to a fixed pattern, dance to a preset tune & actually ignore, turn a complete blind eye, oblivious to everything happening around ?

Yes, we too belong to the true metropolitan city.
Like the busy Manhattan streets, we too have
far too many working couples, nuclear families,
extra large TVs in extra small homes
extra large clothes for men but extra small clothes for women
extra large debts with extra small hearts
extra large cheese burgers with extra small cholesterol lined arteries
extra large ambitions but extra small values & principles
extra large hard disks but extra small memory
extra large ideologies but extra small implementation

& I seem to have extra large work with an extra small paycheck
still I seem to have extra time to be cribbing about things that are just following a natural course of progression towards what is destined.
Should I be the fool who attempts to change it, prevent it, delay it, correct it ?
But then, who am I ?
The choice is OURS ... Not mine alone ... but yes, each individual does count.
& I say : "count me in!" 


Doc Rachita said...

I say count me in too! cause you must be the change that u want to see around u..."the change doesnt always come from others, sometimes you also have to give the change." said by the great Bus jokes apart...very true..and i loved the comaprison bit of the extra large and extra the point and bloody true..! its a pitiful state that we are living in and worst is all r complaining and none doing anything about it! thus i vowed not to buy a blackberry/email on phone to ensure extra virtual connectivity and lose out on real connectivity!

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

@ Dr. Rachita !
Wow dint expect you to be reading this ... but THANKS !!!

& yes, the change must be from within ...
each 1 of us !

I am aware you have always been a part of this movement, but yes, I shall count you in AGAIN !

As for your reference to BB:


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