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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update:- Titan: the INDIAN Watch Brand

Almost a year ago - I had written a post ravishing praise on Titan:

Its been a wonderful year, but then 1 of those watches, the Obaku, the soft leather strap started 'flaking'.
What happens next?

Just 1 simple letter to Titan and a prompt response - mentioning that they have ordered for a new strap from Banglore, 3 days later, I get a call from their Flagship store at Bandra - They have received the strap.
I walk in there - and its even better than last time.
You are greeted with a bottle of water and wet tissues (owing to the heat).
The lady at the service counter recognizes me, had the straps ready and its done in less than 5 minutes!
that is NOT what this post is about.
This post is about a small machine in that Titan Flagship store, near the entrance.
The kind service centre lady, guided us to it and ...
ETCHED my name on the back of the watch, with a laser, with customised font - for FREE !

They have a nice screen - you choose what you want to write, font (more than the standard MS office fonts) and within 2 minutes a lovely laser sears the back of  your watch and etches it permanently!

I asked her, if she could do it for my other Titan watches, she readily agreed and immediately - my whole family,each had a different Titan on their hands offered up their watches and another 8 minutes and we were all happily stepping out - smiling from ear to ear.

The finish and concept - AMAZING !

I don't know of ANY other watch brand here (from Fossil, Casio, Timex, Police, Giordano, Tag Huer, Tissot, Citizen, Seiko, Skagen) who offer such a service!

It is such a lovely feeling to wear a watch with your name engraved on it.
Next time you are gifting someone, you can even write Happy Birthday with the date and name.
It is such a lovely personalized touch !

Hats off to Titan for this concept, for providing it across ALL watch models irrespective of the cost and for making it FREE !

Keep it up !

Like I always say - Be Indian, Buy Indian.


Prachi Kedia said...
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mahesh bhatt said...

Titan is the most fabulous brand for watches in India. There are many people are like to choose watch of this brand. I also love this brand of watches very much. They provides better quality and use different pattern which is winning to people heart and think.

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