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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We are Loving it !

Just saw this ad today: McDonalds special LUNCH Menu: Burger + fries + coke for Rs. 55/-
about a year ago - it was this same brand that launched a special breakfast menu.

Just made me wonder about the vicious cycle created here:

1st - We - the 'smart' Indians fall over each other to go 'abroad' for higher studies & work opportunities.
Then - the best Doctors & Scientists (Indians) work abroad and work really hard to come up with the right statistics, causes & cures to obesity & other such lifestyle diseases.
After which these 'developed' countries adapt the original 'satwik' Indian traits of Yoga, Fresh food, Ayurveda, Meditation, Karma etc.
Then - they conveniently export their work culture, their food, their lifestyle, their diseases to us !
& the best part - We LovE it! We crave it! We flaunt it! & We flock for it!
Their brand, their culture even their filth.

& while they slowly progres towards decreasing their mortality & morbidity indicators as well as divorce rate & increasing their family values:

We also import from them their drugs, advancements in surgery, new cures & everything obsolete - by which they recover their investments.

We are sucked of our brain, of our culture, of our wealth, of our nurture.
But we are loving it !

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