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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tech Updates - Q2 2012

Remember the Y2k bug?
Well, apparently the world ends again in 2012.

If it DOES NOT - and I hope so too :) ....
Then we have a few major tech changes that could really be useful & productive.
(When I say productive, I dismiss a majority of apparently 'big' tech changes in the last couple years which are either unstable builds, ridiculously expensive or not really adding worth or VFM to your arsenal. e.g. 3D tv at Home!
As also the omission of certain basic things e.g. Green & Red buttons, Receive & Reject have disappeared, physical keyboards, bulky laptop adapters etc.)

I am referring specifically to 2 key players : Google & Microsoft

Google - has finally hit a very stable, utilitarian build with IceCreamSandwich Android 4.0.x
It is like the XP of Windows. Finally you have all the features it should have always had and does a lot more closer to its potential.
But they also launched JellyBean 4.1.1 sooner than expected and again - most hardware manufacturers - especially LG & Sony are going to play spoilt sport and try to be Steve Jobs and not give software updates to extremely capable hardware.
But, what this did - is push the actual Android v5.0.x (KeyLimePie) a little further away and to come with lots of bang like dual boot OS (chrome & android).

When it comes to a Mobile OS - Android is really taking them all head on and much ahead of the curve, constantly innovating rather than following - but their desktop OS has not taken off even 1 inch from the ground.

There Microsoft has screwed up with Windows 8.
Anyone familiar with Windows knows that never do 2 consecutive versions turn out to be jaw dropping & trustworthy awesome.
And Win8 is really an unnecessary push in the wrong directions.
Apple has screwed it up for everyone. It has made manufacturers price hardware ridiculously high and made software companies selfish & tyrannical, even more than what they were.

But Windows Mobile 8 - now that is a different ball game.
Agreed that it is extremely sad & bad that all current Windows Mobile phones will not get updated - blanket rule.
But in the future - unless MS screws up something Win8 sounds VERY promising with SkyDrive, Office 360 and loads of bits learnt from Android (including memory card support etc.)

So what is the future?
Future is we could be repertorizing cases on our Microsoft Surface tablet with a keyboard and all softwares on that tab while it syncs seamlessly with our central desktop & cellphone.

Or we could enjoy Google Docs & Drive on our phone cum tablet cum netbook cum PC and also use Evernote to sync it up.

Or you could just spend 2.5 lakhs & shift completely to the Apple EcoSystem.

Choose your side ... for there are only few redeemers like BlueStacks. (How I wish they would do the exact opposite of what they have so wonderfully accomplished!!!)
I guess 2 trillion dollar ideas are:
BBM cross platforms & Windows emulator on Android.


Nishant Bhatia said...

Very well written mate!
I would say the future is open-source, and that's Android!
Never ever has been an operating system so flexible, it let's YOU choose HOW you wanna run it, HOW you want it to look like, and WHAT you want to do with it!
Android has it all! All other mobile platforms shall slowly die-away, as and when users realize the power & customization options available on Android!
Apple phones are good, no doubt, but they are extremely over-priced & with an Apple product you're left at the mercy of the manufacturer to provide you with support & updates, unless you go the jailbreak way, which will anyways void you of any support whatsoever!!
The future is Android, and that's what it is!

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

Absolutely agree buddy.

Freedom usually comes at a price - but here Freedom is what it is : FREE.

The insane amount of restrictions & tyranny by Apple kills their superb hardware & silky smooth software (mind you not using the word butter smooth) ;)
& they really impose themselves heavily.

& here we have true Freedom.
And very rightly said by you - exact words.

People are realizing it too! :D

So enjoy!!!

But seriously thanks for commenting!


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