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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Tribute to Sachin Tendulkar

I left home today with a heavy heart,
Some say it's the beginning of another start,

But it was the end, end of an era...

One of the few I ever idolized,
One of the few whose every detail I memorized,

Your posters adorned my room,
Your presence on or off field dispersed the gloom,

Sach hai - if Sach'in', Indians WIN.

Immortalized in billions around,
Memories of so many on every ground

And yet the day I stepped inside Wankhede,
The news flashed - Sachin retires from One-Day.

This day was to come, no doubt,
Looming large was that dark cloud,

But could not prepare for the feel of that lightning bolt,
That the bat shall so abruptly go cold,

Leaving behind a void, but full of memories,
Visions of character and rock solid values,

Teaching us to be strong, determined, focused and firm,
To enjoy the game, in pressure never squirm,
Face the ball, with grace,
He will always be the Master Blaster, the ACE!

Sachin - We Love You!
For EVERYTHING - a Big Thank You!

But - Sachin Tendulkar

This is not done - this is too sudden. Too abrupt. It is not complete.

50 100s.(1 more needed) and 100 50s. (4 more needed) and this last series.
Your debut was against Pakistan. And it is only fair - that you have 1 last shot.
A departing vision.
Which we can savour and witness and treasure in our hearts forever.

COME BACK! Don't go! Not yet - the job is not done.

Just a little more, wee bit more please - some more, I know you still have fun!

Nothing is impossible for you - not this, neither that.
Show us the magic once more, let's see the face of that bat.
Please! Come back!

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