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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 JellyBean Upgrade - DIY GUIDE

Dear Samsung Galaxy Note users,

The day we were all eagerly waiting for has finally come.

From November to January to March - delay after delay.
But as of 23rd March 2013, Saturday - the JellyBean update is finally available OTA (Over The Air) and via KIES for all Note (N7000) users in India.

As usual - good news and bad news!

Good news 1st - LOADS of goodies.
  • Faster camera
  • new UI
  • New widgets
  • New homescreen
  • New Notification bar - AWESOME
  • Multi-window
  • smart stay
  • offline voice
  • Google NOW - again nice
  • New notifications - SUPER awesome. Especially Gmail & whatsapp.
  • Project Butter smoothness
  • Loads of new settings and options - must explore completely
  • S Memo - migrating to S Note. Unified app
  • Photo notes - super cool idea
  • Crazy small but numerous changes.
  • Better WiFi signal
  • New Keyboard - bye bye SwiftKey
BAD news.
  • Battery - STANDY by increased - but active usage decreased.
  • If OTA update without format - phone EXTREMELY slow. MUST format and begin with clean slate for optimum performance.

Elaborating on that :

Essentially - if your Note is already fully loaded - this MAJOR upgrade does not apply as smoothly as it should. And it also re-calibrates the battery.

What to do: 

  1. ALL your Contacts - Merge with Google. Contacts > Menu > Merge with Google. So all contacts on the cloud.
  2. Calendar entries - I hope you have been using GooCal & not the phone memory.
  3. Download - SUPER BACKUP app from Play Store - very small.
  4. Backup - APPS
  5. Backup - Calendar
  6. Backup - SMS
  7. Backup - Call logs.
  8. Connect phone to PC via cable.
  9. Open phone memory via default Windows Explorer.
  10. COPY some important folders onto your PC hardisk
  11. Application, Android, DCIM, Documents, Downloads, S Memo, SuperBackup, WhatsApp, Videos.
  12. RE-CHECK - everything backed up?
  13. Disconnect phone from PC.
  14. Re-check all data on PC harddisk.
  15. Remove MMC (Memory card) from phone
  16. Menu > Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Reset phone - including USB storage.
* The author takes no guarantee for any other addditional loss of data stored by user in different folders. Kindly mark your folders according to your usage and backup on the PC.

Your phone is BACK to day 1 when you opened it.
Begin - enter Google Account info.

THAT's it.
Go to software update.

START update to JellyBean : 474 Mb odd. file.
While it is downloading - keep phone on charging.
UNPLUG - only after 100% charged.
Keep on charging and INSTALL the JellyBean update.

NOW - when the phone starts - for the 1st time after JellyBean update. Battery @ 100%.
Phone blank. Except contacts and email.


Transfer data back from PC to phone.
Install SuperBackup from PlayStore.
Restore everything.
Install whatsapp. It will detect previous backup and RESTORE ALL conversations.

Re-install MOST of the apps. Re-enter MOST of your personalized settings. (Also gets you acquainted to the new UI and the numerous new tweaks).

Insert Memory card when finally convinced that "Alll izz Well".

LAST update for the Note N7000. May get Anroid 4.2.2. (Also JellyBean) - but don't hold your breath.

This much should suffice for now.

P.S. - If you have already updated your phone to JB and finding it slow - then only choice - BACK up all data as instructed. Go to a Samsung service center and tell them it's slow. They will FLASH it with JB rom again and you are back on track.
(Free under warranty, if not 165 Rs. charge)

P.P.S. - Easter egg. Menu > Settings > About Device.  Keep tapping the Android 4.1.2 version number repeatedly. You will get a pic of a nice BIG red jellybean smiling at you.

Touch it - keep it pressed for 5 seconds.... ENJOY what follows next. Feel free to flick around. ;)
Your normal home screen is just 1 BACK tap away.

Disclaimer - Tried both methods on my black Note and on my wife's white Note. Difference is phenomenal! In performance as well as battery life.

A BIG thanks to Rohan Chheda for helping with this compilation with his valuable inputs!



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