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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Independent Awakening

'The Independent Awakening'

Sorry this is not another joke on the prices or politicians,
Neither is it a piece dedicated to filmi or religious devotions.

Everyone seems to cribbing about all that is wrong,
And eagerly forwarding jokes and making up parody songs.

Convenient to abuse the guys who should actually be flogged,
But what did YOU do about it?
A like on FB, a tweet or +1ed a Blog?

You may not value the freedom you possess,
But 'they' do know how to make you indulge in excess.

You, me, we... The Youth, the majority of this Republic,
These economic parasites have set shop to loot our public

They are deciding how you spend, how you save,
They manipulate and market and make you crave,
You think you are free,
But you are still a slave.

Wake up, past midnight
For the Tryst with Destiny has not been met.

Realize and unleash the Power of YOU
Time for the vows to renew
And for the decade to come to script a story brand new.

Too old fashioned to use a pen,
Use your fingers and click away at your keyboards,
The economic war is on and the cyber war is coming,
Your clear conscience and undeterred will are your sharpest swords.

Come on cyber India, wake up the Youth of India.
Make the move, even a pawn can change the course of play,
Fight the battle not for the 'Kings' but for your own clay,
Not your loyalties but make the crops in the green fields sway,
Make it for all of us a Happy Independence Day!

- Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani


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