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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Xiaomi Mi Band v/s Micromax Yu Fit Band - Comparison & Review

Having used 2 Xiaomi Mi Bands - from Flipkart
then managed to get a Micromax Yu Fit Band - from the very first sale.

Here is an extremely to the point comparison / review between the two.

*I am on my 4th day of using the Yu Fit band. I used the Mi Band for 20 days - each of them conked off within 7 to 10 days and Flipkart replaced it once, the second time they were nice enough to refund my money and I purchased the Yu Fit.

Advantage Yu Fit - or in most cases - Disadvantage of Mi Band
  1. Band is softer. Better feel and comfort. The Mi Band got really dirty to use by the end of the week. The Yu Fit band just feels much better to use and clasp on.
  2. Display is a lovely addition. Actually useful. It does double up as a watch if nothing else. Which is nice. I don't need to wear my Timex Ironman on some basic runs. When it vibrates - I actually know what it's trying to say, whether it's an alarm, a msg, a call, a warning - with the Mi Band - you had to look at your phone. Would it be too much to ask them to display the number when alerting of an incoming call? ;)
  3. Accuracy is better than the Mi Band. The Mi Band would count ALL my hand movements as steps and I would end up achieving my 'goal' within half a day. The Mi Band does count some hand movements - but essentially I end up meeting the same goal almost at the end of the day. In the same circumstances. Definitely real time accuracy is better.
  4. The healthify me app is actually the first of its kind that I am using. Calorie counting for Indian food. It is actually this app that makes the band what it is. I really wish it was better merged with the Yu Fit app. It does get irritating to switch between the apps. Essentially you just have a few settings in the Yu Fit app - the rest is all in Healthify app. The calorie counting bit is really nice. Pure fitness freaks - it's a dream come true! The app is smooth. Fluid. Plenty of settings, swipes and a LOT of info pumped in neatly. It get's better by day as it gets customized to your needs. I have NOT used the pro version yet.
  5. Some additional gimmicks thrown in for good measure. e.g. Capture pics & video from the phone, using the band. So essentially for this - you HAVE to go and launch it on your phone. It there could be some gesture or pattern on the band that would do it - it would be much better. The SOS function is brilliant too. Nifty tool, if you ask me. But it does get launched VERY easily.

Disadvantage Yu also translates to Advantage Mi :
  1. Battery life. The screen obviously makes a difference here. Mi band lasted more than 45 days on a single charge. The Yu Fit band will barely make it 10. 10 is not so bad, but with the OLED display I definitely expected more. The OLED dispaly does look very flimsy and cheap at some angles. But it's quite robust.
  2. Sleep cycle. It was brilliantly tracked and displayed with the Mi Band. The deep sleep bit, the lgith sleep auto detection and subsequent wake up alarm, the ability to edit my sleep time (example - I left the band lying around since 22:30, but actually went to sleep wearing it at 23:45, the next day I could change the time manually to eliminate the 'deep sleep' from 22:30 to 23:45. Not so with the Yu Fit band. They want to me to define a SET time zone during which it will detect the sleep - EVERYday! That just does not happen! Unless you are in the army, right? Also the Yu Fit does not give as much importance to this sleep feature as the Mi Band did. Some software kinks, can easily be sorted or enabled with an update - if they try. (Healthify Me - that's for you)
  3. Rotation. Right hand or left hand detection. And screen orientation. Sorely missed in Yu Fit band. Makes the button awkward to wear on right hand and prone to accidental presses. While this was given as a 'setting' in the Mi Band - where you could choose what hand you would wear it in. The Yu Fit band should DEFINITELY have it - and rotate the screen according to the option chose such that the 'button' is on the inner (medial side, medically speaking) side of your body - which would make it less awkward to press when wearing it on your right hand, and also less prone to accidental presses.
  4. Bluetooth detection. This seems to be a bit of an issue with the Micromax Yu Fit band. For starters, even after pairing it does not show up in the 'bluetooth devices menu' - even when paired. Which makes it impossible to use as a 'trusted device' to unlock. 1 simple feature lost. Secondly, the band just keeps loosing connection with the phone every now and then - and then starts warning you - with full volume alarms on your phone! (can be turned off in the settings, thankfully) but definitely needs a software tweak.
  5. Vibration on the Yu Fit band is not as strong as the Mi Band. Tried multiple times. This was immensely useful as the wake up alarm, which incidentally was much better in the Mi Band (read #2 in this list) and the Mi Band allowed multiple alarms, while the Yu Fit band allows only one!
Overall, even if you remove the 'Healthify Me app' from the picture - just as fitness bands - at the same price - Rs. 999 - the Micromax Yu Fit Band is definitely a much better choice than the Xiaomi Mi Band.
The app - makes it practically functional and complete.

Most importantly - the Xiaomi Mi Band - does actually conk off within a few days of usage!
Disastrous! What happens once my 30 day window period with Flipkart is over?

Fingers crossed, on the quality of the Micromax Yu Fit Band.

They are both quite sturdy in their build (the sensors) and waterproof (well tested).

Both seem to be sourced completely from our next door neighbours, yet the Micromax Yu Fit band is a significantly better product that ultimately does benefit our own health and country wealth (and you thought you won't see that factor being mentioned here, like it is with almost every post on this blog - Be Indian, Buy Indian). ;)

Tried to keep the points limited to 5.
Feel free to ask any queries in the comments section and I shall do my best to reply to them.

You can also A.S.K. (Always Seek Knowledge) at ...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

World Homeopathy Summit - Global Homeopathy Foundation - A report

World Homeopathy Summit - Global Homeopathy Foundation - A report (objective)

Trying to summarize day 1 (11th April 2015):

One of the few conferences where there was no unnecessary in your face advertising or forceful ego kissing

Basically, lot of speakers including some microbiologists. Physicists from Brazil, USA and Italy as well as plenty of CCRH & Research oriented Indian speakers like Dr. Praful Barvalia. & some from IIT Bombay too

The point tried to convey was :
Proving existence of Nano particles and even Quantum Dots on Transmission Electron Microscopy as well as Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Especially metals like Aurum, Cooper, Arsenic and some vegetable elements like NaCl and Carbon on Carbo Veg - for potencies up to 50M at 500 nanometer magnification and even 10micro meter magnification.

Also some other scientific tests done in different countries.
Randomized Double blind placebo control trials and their results.

Difficulties faced while doing such experiments.
Caution to be maintained.

Where Shang whose article in Lancet was there, went wrong.

Discovery of newer molecules.
Tracking white light of molecules with laser assisted technology and how the graph differed for each potency.

Global Homeopathy Foundation
World Homeopathy Summit

Day 2 - 12th April.

The ripples created by day 1 - soon assumed the proportion of a storm, just as day 2 began.

The 3 main questions:
1. Does Homeopathy work
2. How does Homeopathy work
3. Where does Homeopathy work

Partly answered on day 1 - when all of us went into awe & shock to see Nano particles & Quantum dots of medicines like Aurum Met & Cuprum Met at 1M, 10M & even 50 CM potencies.

So what was day 2 like.

Day 2 - was revolutionary!

The 2nd session of the day was met with a STANDING Ovation. The only one in both the days. Well-deserved.
For the man, a living legend - Dr. A. R. Khuda Baksh.
Every Homeopath must read about the FANTASTIC and extensive research done by him. He has MANY MANY papers published.
He has been fighting our battle.
In-vivo and in-vitro experiments - all WITHIN the boundaries of humanity - PROVING that Homeopathy works and where it works.
He answered some really critical questions.
MUST go through his re-search papers.

Then few more speakers, few more experiments.
e.g Injecting the left paw of mice with RA factor - measuring their inflammation, pain threshold and then -
showing that Mag. Phos acts better to give relief than Diclofenac, TNF-Alpha & Capscisin

Another researcher from Brazil who enlightened us about the many regular researches being conducted on mice in Brazil and Italy - as a joint exercise.

Another highlight of the day was Dr. G. D. Jindal and his team from BARC, Mumbai - who showed us how they used machines to monitor blood flow at thigh, knee & ankle,
as well as heart rate - after administering different drugs in different potencies.
There was a lot of technicality involved - but after having tested 23000+ readings they showed what the readings of Sulphur would look like - and that the medicines they ordered from Fr. Muller's - Sulphur 30 & Sulphur 1M showed consisten readings - but Sulphur 200 did not.
They started looking into more detail and realized that some potencies were not "correct" - as in they realized that in many drugs - sometimes the stock that they received was not 'upto the mark'.
Interesting indeed - they say they need more research to ascertain it. But - there might be some way to determine the potency and drug of a liquid - kind of find out the remedy just from the dilution.

The surprise package of the day was Dr. Upama - a Zoologist - who had no idea of Homeopathy - but had was researching with mice and malaria.
While she was conducting trials with Quinine, Artemisinine - she came across the Cinchona and Homeopathy.
& she proved that Cinchona and Chelidonium were far more effective in treating Malaria - than Falcigo DS.
Including quicker and significant decrease in Liver enzyme levels.

The ONLY Homeopath to come up on stage in both the days was Dr. Tapas Kundu - who was recenty featured in the newspapers for his research - treating Haemophilia with Homeopathy and giving a reduction in cost of treatment by almost 85% compared to Allopathic medicines.
Giving better results. Live monitoring and cessation of blood flow within 15 minutes - wit clot formation.
(this was reminiscent of the usual Homeopathy seminars we usually attend) - and was met with enthusiastic response.

The conference went on for long beyond 6 pm and I could not stay back since I had some other commitments.
So I missed out on the last discussion.

But otherwise quite interesting, motivating, inspiring also (so many NON-homeopaths - scientists - working FOR our science - except us).

Let's see what GHF does now. Seems to be a good start.
Aude Sapere.


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